Did you use the DK Live app on Sunday?

DraftKings rolled out their new mobile app DK Live last Thursday,

When I wrote about it last week, I promised to try it out on Sunday with a full NFL schedule of games playing.

I spent a lot of time on DK Live and played with all the features while flipping thru the early NFL games on TV.

I thought it worked very well, I bounced from single game play by play, to red zone plays, to my players scoring and back continually. I had multiple line ups going and quite a few players to monitor.

The App is a little slow when posting plays and scoring when compared to the TV action, but all online sports scoring app’s are also similarly delayed.

You cannot change or view your line ups from DK Live, you can only monitor individual player results and not whole line up scores.

You can however go directly to your account on the DraftKings App (click the DK crown on bottom right) and make line up changes and view your contest line up scores there……

This is App perfect if your on the road, at a party, at work or anywhere to monitor real games, your fantasy players and see which real players around the league are having a kick ass fantasy days.

Download it today on your App store and use it to make your DraftKings experience complete.



Game play by play


Red Zone plays from around the League


Fantasy Highlights from around the league


Scoring of all your DraftKing players



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