Have you signed up to Play the $100K Free Fantasy Football Contest Yet?

The $100K Free Fantasy Football Contest on DraftKings

DraftKings is giving away Free Money and Free contest tickets to everyone who signs up and plays in the Week One Free $100,000 Football contest.

DraftKings has added an additional Free Contest Arcade $1000 NFL Contest starting on Thursday Sept, 8 at 8:30 PM ET that includes all the week one NFL games.

Week One DraftKings $100K Free Contest Details:

This is the exact contest that you heard advertised on the all the Week One Draftkings Radio and TV ad’s—-No special code is needed, just sign up and start building your first NFL Fantasy line-up today.

This contest is completely free to enter and pays out $100,000 in total cash prizes, to over 37,000 winners.

In addition, every entry that does not win a cash prize will receive a ticket to a second chance $10,000 free contest in Week 2 (details to come).

  • This Contest Starts at 1PM ET on September 11, 2016
  • Is limited to one entry per player
  • Includes all the Week One, Sunday Sept. 11th NFL Games
  • 1st place wins $1000
  • In total, there are 37,400 cash payouts
  • Build your Line up Now for Free

Free $100K Contest Payouts:

1st $1,000.00
2nd $750.00
3rd $500.00
4th $400.00
5th $300.00
6th – 7th $250.00
8th – 10th $200.00
11th – 15th $150.00
16th – 20th $100.00
21st – 25th $80.00
26th – 30th $70.00
31st – 40th $60.00
41st – 60th $50.00
61st – 80th $40.00
81st – 100th $30.00
101st – 150th $25.00
151st – 250th $20.00
251st – 350th $15.00
351st – 500th $12.00
501st – 1000th $10.00
1001st – 1500th $8.00
1501st – 2000th $7.00
2001st – 3000th $6.00
3001st – 5000th $5.00
5001st – 7000th $4.00
7001st – 12000th $3.00
12001st – 19500th $2.00
19501st – 37400th $1.00
37401st – 2000000th $10K Week 2 Second Chance Contest Ticket

Need some help picking a Line Up? Check out our Week One NFL DraftKings Line Up Advice

Free Week One Fantasy Football Contest

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