The First Huge NFL Fantasy Free Roll of 2016

DraftKings has scheduled a $10,000 NFL Preseason Free Roll

$10K Fantasy Football Free Roll

It starts on Friday August 26th which includes the 5 NFL Preseason games scheduled.

The Contest starts at 6:30 PM and will include these NFL Preseason games:

NE at CAR, BUF at WAS, PITT at NO, CLE at TB and GB at SF

You can reserve an entry right now, and the player listing with updated salaries will be available the week of the Free Roll.

You’ll be notified when you can draft your line up if you sign up early.

Prizes for the $10K Free Roll are as follows:

1st                   $100.00
2nd – 3rd          $75.00
4th – 5th           $50.00
6th – 7th         $40.00
8th – 10th      $30.00
11th – 20th     $25.00
21st – 30th     $20.00
31st – 50th     $15.00
51st – 100th     $10.00
101st – 200th     $8.00
201st – 300th     $7.00
301st – 500th     $6.00
501st – 700th     $5.00
701st – 1000th     $4.00
1001st – 2110th     $3.00

Join DraftKings Now, set your line up and get yourself ready for the 2016 NFL Fantasy Season.

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