DraftKings gets ready for the 2016 Fantasy Football Season

NFL Training Camps are reporting this week and DraftKings is getting ready for the 2016 Fantasy Football Season.

Here is the latest update on  where you can play on DraftKings along with the 2016 regulatory changes.

8/5/2016: Salaries and contests are open and taking reservations, Visit DraftKings Right Now and get a free entry to the week one Millionaire Maker Free with any Deposit……..

Since the end of the 2015 Football season there has been a lot of talk and regulatory action about Daily Fantasy across the US.

Here is the latest and most updated information available:

Where is play on DraftKings prohibited? Arizona, Hawaii, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada and Washington State. There are no DFS sites operating in these states.

New York State is awaiting the Governors signature on their DFS regulation bill and is still currently unavailable on DraftKings.

August 3, 2016 Update: NY is now a Daily Fantasy Option: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/fanduel-draftkings-yahoo-daily-fantasy-sports-legalized-n-y-article-1.2737441

Several US states have passed legislation in 2016 regarding DFS sites and have implemented contest rules, guidelines, regulations and controls.

These regulated states include: Colorado, Indiana, Kansas, Maryland, Missouri, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Rhode Island, Tennessee and Virginia.

All other states allow play on DraftKings, however there are no specific rules or guidelines in these areas. DraftKings does utilize rules and guidelines set forth in states where specific rules are in place everywhere they have players. You will benefit (even if your state has no specific laws) from every other states regulation and rules.

In general, if you want to Play on Draftkings, just sign up. You will be notified if you are not in an eligible area or state. If you are allowed, you get the benefit of regulation already in place elsewhere.

Complete run down on Legal DFS News

State Imposed DFS Rules and Regulations

Each regulated state has established their own rules, however most are uniform in nature. There are some individual variances, such as deposit limits and age requirements.

DraftKings has implemented these rules and regulations for players in every state, even if your individual state does not require them.

  • A minimum age of 18, (21 in some states) is set for DFS players.
  • Positive Identification is required for all players.
  • Physical Location of all players will be verified. If your area does not allow play, you can not even sign up.
  • DK Location Verification Notice
  • Employees of DFS companies are not allowed to play in DFS contests on any DFS site.
  • Fantasy contests on amateur sports — including college games — are prohibited. There are no College sports on Draftkings. There are however, GOLF, NASCAR, LOL, MMA and SOCCER games available.
  • “Highly experienced” players need to be identified by operators on DFS platforms. DK uses a 5 tier system to identify experienced players
  • DK Experience Badge
  • The use of third-party automated scripts for multiple line up building is banned.
  • Beginner Only Contests and Limited Entry (1 to 3 line-up only) contests must be available for inexperienced players.
  • An initial limit of $1,000 in deposits per month is set for all players, although players can ask for their limit to be increased.
  • Players can ask to be excluded from play.
  • Operational and player funds must be fully segregated.

Draftkings has implemented these new guidelines for every location they serve and will now be a more enjoyable experience for everyone who plays.

2016 Fantasy Football

There are no definitive changes for the 2016 Fantasy Season on Draftkings just yet.

DraftKings Fantasy Football Scoring and Details

DraftKings usually sets up their opening week NFL fantasy contests the last week of July and in early August, just as team training camps and preseason games get into full swing.

DraftKings has set up NFL preseason contests in the past.

2016 NFL Opening week player salaries will be available when the football contests are available.

Update: Salaries and contests are open and taking reservations, Visit DraftKings Right Now and get a free entry to the week one Millionaire Maker Free with any Deposit……..

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