Holy Crap!!!!! I was Dealt a Royal Flush……

I Hit a Video Poker Royal Flush on the Deal on Bovada……….

I often screw around on the Bovada Casino when I don’t have time to play a full Poker Tournament or Sit and Go.

Most of the time, it is when I have a few minutes before leaving for work, get home late from work or when I’m waiting for a Tourney or SNG to start on Bovada.lv, that’s when I usually play a little Video Poker or BlackJack

This is what I hit on my first hand, on a 5¢, Jacks or Better, Video Poker game on Bovada, this morning.

Luckily I was playing the 5 coin max bet……..

5c X 5 video poker win onBovada

When it was dealt, I had to take a Second, a Third and a Final look!

I could not believe it! I had a Heart Royal Flush on the deal, no draw was needed.

I stopped, took a deep breath, and hit Hold, Hold, Hold, Hold and Hold.

When I hit Draw, I held my breath and hoped I didn’t fuck it up or I was the victim of a Game Malfunction…………..

Oh My God it was True……. I hit a Natural Royal Flush, on the Deal, with a Max Bet!!!!!!

A 4000 credit win, a $200 win on my nickel play……….

I immediately took a screen shot and sent a text showing my win to all my friends.

I did not however, tell mama.

She doesn’t really have to know, does she?

Maybe if I had played 25¢X5 or $1X5, then I would have told her and she would have been able to enjoy this with me.

I guess, I choose the right Video Poker game on Bovada. I did a little research (after the fact) and found the payout percentages for their assortment of Video poker games.

Jacks or Better has the best payout percentage of all the Bovada Casino video poker games at 99.54% when you bet the max amount.

It is even higher when you play some basic and simple strategy.

If you want, you can try the Jacks or Better Video Poker Game for Free by going Here……

Of course I didn’t cash it out, I’m gonna play a lot more Poker the next few weeks on Bovada and enjoy myself with this very nice wind fall of cash……..

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