Fan Duel $100 Fantasy Baseball Free Roll

Fan Duel has added a Daily $100 Free Roll to their Daily MLB Fantasy schedule.

Yes, there will be a lot of players involved.

Yes it will be hard to win but it is a Free Game.

You have nothing to lose and it will give everyone a chance to to try out their fantasy baseball knowledge and who knows, maybe you are the one talented enough to win a couple of bucks here or there and start yourself on a summer long fantasy baseball ride………………….

Look for this contest on the Daily Main MLB Contest Slate (7PM ET Start):

Look for $100 MLB Daily free play on MLB lobby

Daily $100 Free Roll Payouts

$100 Fan Duel MLB Free Roll

Here is a suggested line up for the Monday May 16, 2016 Main slate MLB $100 Free Roll on Fan Duel……..

Updated Free Roll Line Up the BOS at KC game has been Cancelled:

Updated Monday Free Roll Line up

This is why you wait until as close to game time as possible, the BOS at KC game was cancelled at 6:45PM ET on Monday night, If I had put in a line up earlier and not followed up, I would have not had a SP and 1B  in my line up and no chance of winning anything…….

My original Monday night line-up

Free Roll Line Up

Now I know your asking why did I choose these particular players?

First off, I waited until most of the Monday line ups were posted, usually by 4 or 5PM every afternoon, the evening lineups are available on Fan player listing for that nights schedule.

I make it particularly important to choose players who are in today’s line up. I made sure as many as possible were batting in the top 4 or 5 on each teams batting order (more at bats = more hitting chances).

I always select my starting pitcher on a team I think will win and has a chance to accumulate as many strikeouts as possible.

Those are the simple secrets to making a winning daily fantasy baseball line up………..

Play Fantasy Baseball tonight on Fan Duel for free……………

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