Free $10,000 Fantasy Baseball Contest on DraftKings

DraftKings is holding the Mobile Strike $10,000 Free Roll on Wednesday, April 13th starting at 7:05PM ET.

Everyone can play this one (no deposit needed), just click the promotions tab on the DraftKings main lobby to direct you to the Mobile Strike $10,000 Baseball Contest sign-up page.

  • Play for FREE in the Free 10K Fantasy Baseball contest
  • Draft 10 MLB players from the 12 MLB games on Wednesday, April 13th
  • Play for your share of $10,000
  • Download the Mobile Strike App for FREE
  • Text “STRIKE” to GAMEON (426366)


The player listing will not be available until late Tuesday night or early on Wednesday morning, but you can reserve your spot as we speak.

All 12 MLB games scheduled for that evening, starting at 7:05PM ET are included in this contest.

The 2335 top finishers will win, with $1000 going to 1st place.

Payout List

1st     $1,000.00
2nd     $500.00
3rd     $300.00
4th     $250.00
5th     $200.00
6th     $150.00
7th – 8th     $100.00
9th – 10th     $50.00
11th – 15th     $40.00
16th – 20th     $30.00
21st – 30th     $20.00
31st – 40th     $15.00
41st – 50th     $10.00
51st – 65th     $8.00
66th – 100th     $6.00
101st – 300th     $5.00
301st – 600th     $4.00
601st – 1100th     $3.00
1101st – 2335th     $2.00

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