$20K Tuesday MLB Free Roll on Fan Duel

$20K MLB Free Roll tonight on Fan Duel

Fan Duel is holding a $20,000 Free Roll for the first full evening slate of 10 MLB night games.

It starts tonight at 7:05 PM ET. Over 6900 players will win cash. If your not familiar with fantasy baseball on Fan Duel, we explain all the scoring and strategies HERE……

Join Fan Duel Now to get your line up in, no deposit is needed to play and watch your all your favorite players tonight!

Be sure to check out the Fan Duel Insider to get some free MLB line up advice and make your line up the best it can be…..

$20K Fan Duel MLB Free Roll

Here is how the 6987 payouts will be paid

Free Roll Payouts

I’ll be there, look for me USALegal……………………….


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