MLB Fantasy is open on Draft Fury

To start the 2016 Baseball Season is offering a $250 Free Roll which is open to all players.

It doesn’t sound like a lot, but keep in mind it is only open to the first 1000 entries, so your chances of catching some free money are outstanding.

The Free Roll starts at 1:05PM ET on Monday April 4, 2016 and will include every MLB game scheduled that day.

The Opening Day Free Roll will pay out the following:

1st     $50.00
2nd     $30.00
3rd     $20.00
4th     $15.00
5 – 6th     $10.00
7 – 29th     $5.00

Space is limited, Visit Draft Fury Now and get your Free Roll entry in before it fills.

The Scoring for Fantasy Baseball on Draft Fury is a easy to remember Point system, using a line up consisting of P, C, 1B, 2B, 3b, SS, OF, OF, OF with a $100K Salary Cap

Hitter Scoring
1 Base: 3pts
2 Base: 6pts
3 Base: 8pts
Home Run: 10pts
Walk: 2pts
Hit By Pitch: 2pts
Run: 2pts
RBI: 2pts
Stolen Base: 5pts

Pitcher Scoring
Inning Pitched: 3pt
Strike Out: 3pts
Win: 10pts
Earned Run Allowed: -3pts
Complete Game: 3pts
Shutout: 3pts
No Hitter: 5pts

Like most point systems, your pitching will be the key to the highest possible scores. Hitters have no negative stats, you want all your bats to have as many AB’s as possible.

Draft Fury Opening Day Draft Room

DraftFury  MLB Player Selection Page

Once your on DraftFury you’ll find the Free Roll on the Main MLB Contest Lobby, along with a large selection of more opening day contests with buy-ins starting at $1. This is the first MLB Season for Draft Fury, so the initial MLB contests have smaller starting entry fields with rather inexpensive buy-ins and guarantees to start.

MLB Contest Lobby

DraftFury MLB Lobby

Residents of Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada, and Washington will be allowed to participate in free entry contests, but not paid entry contests. Visit Draft Fury for complete information.

Visit Draft Fury now and you can get up to a $500 Deposit Bonus (earned while you play) to get yourself started.


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