Fan Duel Fantasy Baseball 2016

Fan Duel has posted their MLB Opening Day Fantasy Contests

Starting at 1:05PM ET on April 4th, the 2016 Fantasy Baseball season kicks off with a full 12 game slate.

Opening Day MLB Game Slate

There are several Special Opening Day Contests open and taking entries on the MLB Contest Lobby. You’ll still find the numerous entry levels starting at just $1, $2, $5 and higher.

But for 2016, there a few new additions to the schedule. Namely more single entry only and limited entry (5max) contests. The Guaranteed Tournament payout amounts haven’t changed.

You can still play the $250K Grand Slam for just a $25 entry, The $200K Squeeze for a $2 entry, The $50K MLB Rally for a $5 entry and $10K and $25K Guaranteed contests with just $1 entries.

Fan Duel Opening Day MLB Tournament Schedule

Fan Duel Opening Day Contest Specials

Plus, there are also hundreds of standard and winner take-all 2, 3, 5, 10, 20 player leagues with multiple entry amounts.

Looking for 50/50’s, Double-ups, Multipliers and Satellites? They are there also……..

In addition to the contest schedule, here have also been some scoring changes for 2016 on Fan Duel Fantasy Baseball Contests.

The biggest change is hitters will no longer be penalized -1 point for each out they make and all hitting and pitching scoring categories have had their values tripled.

Complete 2016 Fan Duel Fantasy Baseball Scoring and Details

Player Selection Features

When I first logged on to the 2016 MLB schedule and entered my first contest, there were a couple of other player friendly tools added to the draft rooms.

Available players list

You’ll see at the top of the available player list, just over the positions, a Weather Info tab. This will give you up to date weather and forecasts for your selected game(s).

The Line Up info tab will list every games starting line ups (if available at that time), so you can see who is in and who is out that nights line ups.

Below is the indicator legend, these notations will posted by each players name as they apply. Note the NG not in game, NA Not active and √ 7 which means “in the line up” and his batting order position. This information will be posted as soon as the info is available and will help you greatly with your line up selections.

Player Notes and Info legend

2016 Fan Duel Opening Day Player Salaries

Starting Pitchers

Opening Day Top Starter Salaries

Opening Day starters are not official just yet, they will be noted as they become available. If you enter a line up now, you can always go back and change it before first pitch. If you start researching now you’ll have a good idea of who is starting.


Top Hitter Salaries

As always, if you want to get more information on any player, just click their name on the player list and his Player Card will pop up and give you all the details.

Player Card

Player Details

Fan Duel has changed a few things up for 2016 to give everyone a chance to show their Fantasy Baseball Knowledge and make the games more enjoyable for everyone.

Fan Duel will give you a exclusive 100% Deposit Match Bonus (paid back to you at 4% of your contest entry fees, as you play) and you’ll also receive a entry to a weekly $5000 Free Roll with each of your Deposits.

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