Tuesday, March 8th Fan Duel line up suggestions

I had a terrible night on Fan Duel last night, injuries, line up switches and me not paying attention all killed my scores.

Let’s see if I can do better tonight.

Tuesday March 8th Express Line Up

Tuesday March 8th Express Line Up

As always, there is a $250 NBA Free Roll tonight on Fan Duel starting at 7:30PM

Always monitor your NBA Fantasy Players statuses

There is something that every one who plays NBA Fantasy has to realize and understand. You must monitor every players status once you set your NBA fantasy line ups.

Last night for example, I had to change a few of my line ups right before the 7PM tip off with late injury news /scratch information.

You must remember, The NBA is quite different from the NFL.

Sure there are more injuries on the NFL, but you have a week of information to prepare/alter your line ups when playing Fantasy Football.

On Fantasy NBA, you sometimes only have 10 or 15 minutes to react to late player scratches for injuries, rest or personal issues. NBA Fantasy is not a set your line up and wait kind of game, you must really be into it and pay attention each and every day up until game time and make sure every one is playing.

This is especially true on Fan Duel, the line ups lock as soon as the first game of the slate tips off.

Last night, Vucevic ORL was a late scratch and D Green GSW ended up playing (I took him out earlier) for my Late Night Line-up. I missed this information and ended with a big 0 for my center position and wasn’t even close to competing on that contest.

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