Monday, March 7th Fan Duel NBA Line Up suggestions

Line Ups Updated 3:30PM & 6PM

First off, you had to know that Golden State would lose to a lessor team eventually, but the Lakers???????

Wow, who saw that coming? I figured a easy GSW win with the starters sitting out the 4th quarter.

Well that just shows you, sometimes the best match up in fantasy, just isn’t all it’s cut out to be………..

Luckily, I stayed pretty much away from that game (except for K Thompson and  a couple of Lakers)  and concentrated on the rest of the Sunday NBA schedule.

My efforts seemed to work, I ended up Sunday ahead of the game.

Still, I had 3 line ups that scored over 352 points but still only hit some small payouts. I doubled my buy-ins, so I do consider that a success.

The $1/$20K Dribbler was won with a 433.7 score (a $2000 win), which was 80 points over what my line ups produced……

I cashed on the Sunday Dribblers, here are my results:

Sunday Dribber Wins

Don’t ask me what happened on the daily $250 free roll, do you think the free roll winner (433.5 points) played a real money contest? I hope he did!!!!!!!!

My Express Line up did what I always hope to to do, at least hit a minimum win.

My Sunday NBA Express result:

Sunday Express win

There are 7 games scheduled tonight in the NBA, including ORL at GSW in which the Warriors should be looking to make every one forget what the Lakers did to them on Sunday.

My Main Slate Monday, March 7th Line Ups will be on the $1-$100K Swat, the $1-$25K Dribbler and the $1-$500 Mini Dribbler.

Conley PG MEM is out tonight, replace with K Irving CLE PG

Monday March 7th Main Slate Line Ups

Updated Main Slate Line Up with D Green GSW now a GTD

Updated Main Slate Line Up

Beware, V Oladipo ORL SG is a GTD and is a late starting game, It sounds like he will play.

Switch out Matt Barnes MEM SF with H Barnes GSW SF, Matt Barnes is a scratch.

March 7th Free Roll Entry

I skipped the Express slate tonight and went with a Late Night Line up.

$1-$10K Late Night Swat Line Up

Updated Late Night Line Up, D Green GSW may not play(Illness)

Updated Late Night Line Up

Monday March 7th Late Night Line Up

I may be using too many Golden State players (3) on my Late Night Line Up, I hope it’s not a absolute blow out and everyone sits in the 4th Quarter.

The Nightly $250 Free Roll starts at 7PM on Fan Duel


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