Sunday, March 6th Fan Duel NBA Tournament Line Up

Last night was the first time in a long time that I didn’t hit at least some sort of cash out on any of my Fan Duel NBA plays.

Why? Well there were a few reasons.

B Portis CHI 1.7 points, T Young BKN 0 points (DNP, rest), Wellington BKN 9 points, K Humphries ATL 6.7 points.

That’s bound to happen when you use some high risk/high reward players on your tournament line ups.

My highest line up score last night was just 273 points. The first place winning scores on my contests were in the 344 to 388 range. Minimum payout scores were 285 to 300 points in all the contests I played.

Oh well, I  just have to get back on track this week.

I’m playing a couple of Full Slate Contests (3:30pm start) Today.

$1-$20K NBA Dribbler and the $1-$500 NBA Mini Dribbler Line Up

March 6th Tournament Line Up

I also went with this Express Line Up (4PM Start)

Sunday March 6th Express Line Up

Look for the Sunday $250 NBA Free Roll at 3:30PM on Fan Duel

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