Wednesday March 2nd Express Line Up Advice

I had 1 of my 2 Express Line Ups Cash on Tuesday Night.

Tuesday winners

I also ended up entering the nightly Free Roll and put in a $2 After Hours Line Up when I found out that S. Curry was indeed a scratch.

another win

The $2 /$150K After Hours NBA Shot did not fill until the very end and had quite a few duplicate line ups. My entry bounced around from a 0 win, up to $7 and held at $2.35 for a while but settled at a $1.32 (that’s the first time I ever won less than I paid to enter).

First place won by a 348.50 score and was shared by 98 players, each won $404.90. 2 players split 2nd place for a $100 payout.

Who were the difference makers on the winning line ups?

D Schroder ATL PG scored 31.1 to J Teague ATL PG 14.4

B Bogdanovic SF BKN 31.9 to H Barnes SF GS 22.6

Those guys made all the difference for the big winners Tuesday night.

The Wednesday NBA slate has 11 NBA games.

The Express Slate has UTA at TOR and POR at BOS

The Late Night Slate has LAL at DEN and OKC at LAC

I using these line ups tonight on the Express $1 / $10K NBA Swat.

Weds. March 3 Express Line Up

Weds. March 2 Express Line Up (B)

I’m using this line up on the Late Night $1 / $10K NBA Swat.

Weds. March 2 Late Night Line Up

There is a $250 Free Roll tonight on Fan Duel starting at 7PM using the full 11 game NBA Slate.

Free Roll Line Up

Weds. Free Roll Line Up



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