FD Express NBA Line Up for Feb. 26th

Fan Duel NBA Line Up Suggestions for Friday Feb. 26th

If you had used my suggested Express Line Up last night you would have cashed out a winner. You would have had multiple wins if you used that line up in multiple Express Tournaments.

Top score on the Thursday $10K NBA Swat was just 344.90, so the field was close all evening.

Winning Express Line Up Feb 25th

The Main NBA slate for Fan Duel for today is 8 games.

For our Line ups, I’m using the Express Slate of ORL at NYK 7:30PM and CLE at TOR 7:30 PM

I’m also looking at the Late Slate of CHI at ATL 8PM and DEN at DAL 8:30 PM.

There are $10K NBA Swats ($1 entry) and $50K NBA Shots ($2 entry) available on both the Express and Late Slates.

The Express Slate has some very good player options, however they are all very costly and difficult to manage into a guaranteed winner.

I’m going with this Express Line Up.

FD Express Line Up Feb. 26th

The Late Slate has many more possible winning combinations and I really like our chances with this Line Up.

Monitor the injury statuses of D Rose CHI and D Williams DAL on Twitter, as I think they are interchangeable on this line up. Playing both is also possible, but Rose may have limited minutes tonight.

D Williams is the safer option, as it looks like he’ll play no matter what.

FD Late Line Up #1

FD Late Night Line Up Feb 26th.

After I thought of it, I added a 2nd Late Night Entry, the salaries make this slate a must for multiple play tonight…….Again monitor the statuses of D Rose CHI and P Gasol CHI, replacing them will be a snap if there are any scratches.

Alternate Late Night Line Up

There is also a $250 NBA Free Roll on Fan Duel tonight that includes every game, starting at 7PM ET.

Visit Fan Duel and play some fast paced NBA Fantasy tonight………..

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