$4M Fantasy Golf Contest on DraftKings

Are you ready for some BIG TIME GOLF?

$4M PGA Fantasy Contest

How’s your Game? Well, if it isn’t quite up to the professional players game, here is your chance to win part of a prize purse that the pro’s are playing for for every week……

On April 7th, 2016 DraftKings will have a Fantasy Golf Contest that can  pay you, like you were a pro golfer, playing at the top of his game and finishing in the Money…….

Here’s how it works:

  • Draft 6 PGA golfers from The Masters on April 7th at Augusta National GC
  • Win a Really Green (Million Dollar) Jacket on DraftKings.com
  • Your Line up must be in by 5AM ET April 7, 2016
  • Over 48,000 fantasy players will win CASH…….
  • Win an entry before April 7th for as little as $0.25, $3 or $5 or just buy in directly for $20 (Play Now for your entry)
  • The exact field for the Masters is not set in stone, however you probably know who will be there.
  • More Golfers may be added to the player pool if they are added late to field
  • Satellites for the Millionaire Maker run through April 6th
  • You can play in more than just the Millionaire Maker, there will be hundreds of other PGA contests to join for the April 7th Tee Off. Many with Guaranteed payouts of $100K or more
  • You can play for as little as 25¢, $1, $3, $5 or more.
  • Your first entry to a $100K PGA contest will be free with any Deposit on DraftKings.com

Sample Player List (not current Masters Listing)

Sample PGA Player List

I’ll have some recommendations for players to select a little later, but if your really into golf, you’ll have an idea of who to play, who will play the best and who will take you to a huge win.

DraftKings has weekly PGA contests running now, you can start your practice rounds today and get your driving range shots in today.

If you never played Fantasy Golf on DraftKings here’s a few of the rules and scoring:

  • Rosters will consist of 6 Golfers with a $50,000 Salary Cap
  • Average salary is $8333
  • Top ranking players will be in the $12K+ salary range.
  • Most very good golfers are in the $8 to $10K range
  • There are usually 80 to 100 golfers to choose from (depending on the event).
  • Minimum/Average Salary Golfers will be at $5600 to $7000 prices.
  • All players will show their STD: Avg round score, Top Ten finishes, Cuts made, average fantasy scores per event on the player listing.
  • Current Injury and Fantasy news.
  • Current event status out, playing, etc.


Golfers on each team will accumulate points as follows:

  • Per Hole Scoring
    • Double Eagle (DBL EAG): +20 PTs
    • Eagle (EAG): +8 PTs
    • Birdie (BIR): +3 PTs
    • Par (PAR): +0.5 PTs
    • Bogey (BOG): -0.5 PTs
    • Double Bogey (DBL BOG): -1 PT
    • Worse than Double Bogey (WORSE DBL BOG): -1 PT
  • Tournament Finish Scoring
    • 1st: 30 PTs
    • 2nd: 20 PTs
    • 3rd: 18 PTs
    • 4th: 16 PTs
    • 5th: 14 PTs
    • 6th: 12 PTs
    • 7th: 10 PTs
    • 8th: 9 PTs
    • 9th: 8 PTs
    • 10th: 7 PTs
    • 11th–15th: 6 PTs
    • 16th–20th: 5 PTs
    • 21st–25th: 4 PTs
    • 26th–30th: 3 PTs
    • 31st–40th: 2 PTs
    • 41st-50th: 1 PTs
  • Streaks and Bonuses
    • Streak of 3 Birdies of Better (MAX 1 Per Round) (3+ BIR STRK): +3 PTs
    • Bogey Free Round (BOG FREE RD): +3 PTs
    • All 4 Rounds Under 70 Strokes (ALL 4 RDS UND 70): +5 PTs
    • Hole in One (HOLE IN ONE): +10 PTs

Scoring Notes: Ties for a finishing position will not reduce or average down points. For example, if 2 golfers tie for 3rd place, each will receive the 18 fantasy points for the 3rd place finish result. Playoff Holes will not count towards final scoring, with the exception of the “finishing position” scoring. For example, the golfer who wins the tournament will receive the sole award of 1st place points, but will not accrue points for their scoring result in the individual playoff holes.

Player Lock Notes: All golfers lock at the time the first golfer tees off on day 1 of an event.

The Millionare Maker Prize Pool is Enormous:

1st $1,000,000.00
2nd $250,000.00
3rd $100,000.00
4th $60,000.00
5th $40,000.00
6th $30,000.00
7th – 8th $20,000.00
9th – 10th $15,000.00
11th – 12th $12,500.00
13th – 15th $10,000.00
16th – 20th $8,000.00
21st – 25th $6,000.00
26th – 30th $5,000.00
31st – 35th $4,000.00
36th – 40th $3,500.00
41st – 45th $3,000.00
46th – 55th $2,500.00
56th – 65th $2,000.00
66th – 90th $1,500.00
91st – 140th $1,000.00
141st – 200th $800.00
201st – 300th $600.00
301st – 400th $500.00
401st – 500th $400.00
501st – 600th $300.00
601st – 800th $250.00
801st – 1000th $200.00
1001st – 1400th $150.00
1401st – 2100th $100.00
2101st – 3300th $75.00
3301st – 5100th $60.00
5101st – 7600th $50.00
7601st – 13600th $40.00
13601st – 23602nd $35.00
23603rd – 48733rd $30.00
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