Fan Duel NBA 2/24/15 Express Line Up Advice

Since the NFL season ended, I have been tinkering with the NBA Contests available on Fan Duel.

Why Fan Duel, you may ask?

I have found that the variety of contests/contest schedules offered on Fan Duel fits my play requirements better than most of the other DFS sites.

I am more of a instant satisfaction kind of guy, I really like to have a quicker decision on my daily fantasy plays.

I have been concentrating on the nightly NBA Express and Late Night schedules on Fan Duel.

Fan Duel NBA Express Schedule Feb. 24thFan Duel NBA Late Night Schedule Feb. 24th

I work evenings 4PM to 12AM and have plenty of time to set my evening line ups every morning and have ample opportunity at work, to monitor my daily plays live on the Fan Duel Mobile App each evening.

Now, when it comes to NBA Fantasy, I am still a novice, I rely on the many expert sites I visit daily for insight and player suggestions.

I spend most of my pre-work time, 11AM to 1PM researching my daily NBA plays and building my line-ups. I mainly play $1 and $2 contests, and an occasional $5 line-up.

I concentrate on the Express and Late Night Fan Duel NBA Contests, mostly the $5 NBA Lay-ups, $2 NBA shots, $2 Mini Shots, $1 NBA Dribblers, $1 NBA Shots, $2 – 100 player leagues and $1 – 100 player leagues.

These contests all involve guarantees up to $20K to $50K and allow multi entries in almost all cases. If you want a little less volatility with your line ups, play the $1, $2 and $5 Express and Late Night Fan Duel leagues with 5, 10 and 20 players.

A few things I have learned from playing these select contests:

  1. You need to pick on the bad team defenses exclusively. To be honest, teams like the 76er’s, Lakers and Bulls consistently give up big point totals to opposing players.
  2. These small 2, 3 and 4 NBA game contests will allow for stronger fantasy line ups and may involve many fantasy point  ties and contest prize splits. The key to these is finding the one key player that is ignored by the masses who can put up a stat line that will make the difference.
  3. Playing the larger guaranteed express and late night contests, even if you happen to tie some one with your line up, will offer some very nice payouts.
  4. I will often multi enter line ups I really like, often into $1, $2 and $5 contests, hoping to multiple my winnings on my efforts.
  5. I cannot tell you how many times I have had $500 to $1000 win nights only to be reduced to small wins on my full slate contests (late games always seem to screw me), these express and late night contests end almost always at the same time and if you are in a winning position, it almost always sticks…….
  6. You need to closely monitor the injury statuses, even more so than your NFL play. A major sit out by any player in the NBA will increase play time (in minutes for back-ups) for lower priced back-ups and significantly improve their value.
  7. You need to find a fantasy source (Rotowire, Fantasy Pros, Number Fire, etc.) that you can trust and you must use them consistently to take advantage of their insights and knowledge of the NBA.
  8. I personally use several sources and go with the consensus of top daily plays,concentrating on the express/late night games and players.
  9. Number Fire fantasy advice/info is offered on Fan Duel for free your convenience.
  10. Sometimes you’ll get a better line up with only one or the other slate, only play both if your extremely happy with both game slates, express and late…….

Daily Line Up Suggestions

Starting today, I will posting, what I think is the best NBA fantasy line-up for the Daily Fan Duel “Express” or “Late Night” contests.

Keep in mind every body else posts a Free Fan Duel full slate NBA line-up, but they always keep you guessing on the Mini Slates offered on Fan Duel. I won’t……..

I will posting these NBA lineups daily, about 1 PM.

If I do not think the line ups are worth your time or mine, I will not make any suggestions that day.

I do not play, just to play. I will only show what I think will work that evening.

February 24, 2015 Line up suggestion

Tonight, I have 2 Line ups for you to consider, Visit Fan Duel Now and you’ll get a 100% Deposit Bonus (paid as you play) and a entry to a new Depositor Free Roll this week end.

Fan Duel Express Line-up Suggestion February 24, 2015

Note: Monitor Pau Gasol’s availability, if he cannot go, play Gortat WAS at center and upgrade Portis CHI PF $4300 to Randle LAL PF $6100

NBA Express Line up suggestions FEB. 24

Good Luck tonight, I hope I can help you win a few bucks……..

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