Wild Card Week End on Boom Fantasy

Are you ready for the Playoffs?

Boom Fantasy is the only place where you can play an in-game fantasy Football by predicting what will happen on the next play.

The questions asked during fantasy play aren’t difficult, if you know football and know your teams play calling tendencies.

Here’s the first prediction you’ll have to figure out for the Kansas City vs Houston game, as well as the answer choices and odds.

What will be the result of the opening kickoff?
• Touchback or kicked out of bounds.  (1.5:1)
• Returned to 20-yd-ln or farther, no TD.  (3:1)
• Returned inside 20 yard line.  (3:1)
• Return TD.  (20:1)

And here are some relevant team stats to consider (season-long avg’s):

Kickoff Returns:  Yards-Per-Return
• KC:     22.6.  (Opponents:  24.72)
• HOU:  23.9.  (Opponents:  24.43)

Kickoff Returns:  Returns – Yards – TD
• KC:     35  –   791  –  0
(Opp:  46 – 1,137 –   0)
• HOU:  18  –   430  –  0
(Opp:  40  –   977 –   0)

Touchback %  (i.e. Touchbacks forced on their Opponents)
• KC:     44.44 %
• HOU:  43.42 %

First up, Boom Fantasy has the Chiefs vs Texans, 4:35 pm ET on ABC. Then tonight, Steelers vs Bengals, 8:15 pm ET on CBS.

Sundays schedule on Boom Fantasy has the Seahawks at the Vikings at noon and the  Green Bay Packers at Washington Redskins at 3:30PM

Contests are 1 quarter long, buy-ins as low as $1 and there’s a free roll every quarter.

Make your Predictions wisely. Win big this Weekend.

Deposit. Receive 2 Tickets ($6). 100% Bonus.
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