How did you do over the Week 16 week-end?

Week 16 was very good to me……

Finally I, placed better than a minimum/mid rangeFan Duel Football tournament win on Fan Duel….

I threw together a quick line-up on Christmas Eve for the $2 buy-in $10K NFL Snap on Fan Duel.

This contest included only the Christmas Eve game of San Diego at Oakland and the Saturday Night game of Washington at Philly.

On Christmas Eve I watched part of the SD at Oak game, not all of it and ended up at the bottom of the payout range with my chosen roster.

I worked on Saturday night and had the WAS at PHI game monitored on my phone. By half-time I had moved up in the rankings (up to a $10 payout) sitting at about 400th in total.

As the second half progressed, I started moving up rather quickly and was up within striking distance of 1st place (about 15 pts) as the 3rd quarter progressed.

There where still about 100 or players in front of me, but I quickly discovered they didn’t have 2 guys playing, that I did. I still had P Garcon WAS WR and J Matthews PHI WR!

Now I was interested, as I pretty much stopped my work and completely set my attention on the outcome.

The late 3rd Quarter defensive fumble return TD by Washington moved me even closer. Now, I needed points from Garcon and Matthews.

Bingo……….Garcon 13yd TD, now I’m within 9pts.

I knew that Philly would keep throwing the ball and I still had Matthews playing. He finally got a 24yd reception.

Now I needed a score and I got it….. A 8yd TD to Matthews.

Now I’m within 1.5 pts of 1st. There where a couple other guys in the exact same spot, but two of them had 1 pt on me.

At this point I was at a $100 win.

Matthews last 2 catches of 6 and 12 yds after the 2 minute warning moved me to 3rd place. From there, I couldn’t go higher for first place split (we all had the same guys still playing) and I didn’t get it.

Funny thing, the 2 guys who were in 1st place all night dropped to $100 wins (5th place tie) down from $950 each, in the last 2 minutes of the game (I’ve been there before).

This was by far, the most exciting last few minutes of any fantasy game I have had this year.

I considered my $300 win, for a $2, last minute entry, a very nice late Christmas Present.

Final Standings


My Winning Line-up

Winning Line-up

If I had played Inman SD WR instead of Crabtree OAK WR on Christmas Eve, I could have took this tournament.

Instead I missed out on a easy Grand by one frickin point………

I loaded up on Washington players because I knew they were fighting for a 1st place title in the NFC East and that being said, Philly would be throwing for their lives in the second half, so I played their best Wide Receiver.

If you are interested in playing some meaningful fantasy football for week 17 and into the NFL Playoffs, go to Fan Duel now and get started……

You’ll get a 100% Bonus/up to $200 and entry to a Week 17 football free roll with your first deposit on Fan Duel.

My advice for this upcoming week end, Use players only on teams still fighting for play off position.

Concentrate on skill players from MINN, GB, CAR, ARI, CINN, NE, PITT, DEN, KC and NYJ only.

These are the teams who need wins to keep or move up in the playoffs and will undoubtedly keep their starters in the entire game.

Good Luck………………..

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