Do you want a Free Week 5 Millionaire Maker Entry

How would you like to get a free entry into the Week 5 Millionaire Maker on DraftKings?

The Week 5 Millionaire Maker starts at 1PM$1Million Dollars ET this Sunday and includes all the Sunday and Monday NFL Games.

With a Guarantee of $7 Million in total prizes, there will be a total of 88,500 winners.

With 300 players cashing out at least $1000 and the ultimate 1st place finisher winning $1.2 Million Dollars.

How can you play for Free?

Just go to, (using our special link) and make any size deposit! You’ll get a free ticket to enter the Millionaire Maker.

If you need some help making your first line up, check out our Week 5 Line Up Advice and Value plays.

There, you’ll get a few ideas on who in the NFL will have the Best Week 5 and a couple of Salary Values to make your line up fit the Cap space allowed.

Once you’re on DraftKings you’ll also find 1000’s of other Weekly Fantasy Football contests to choose from and I’m sure there is more than one that peaks your interest.

Good Luck On Week 5


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