DraftPot Fantasy Football News and Update

Week 3 was a very good week for fantasy players on DraftPot.com.

DraftPot paid out over $263,000 to winners and saw record player entries of over 28,000 on Week 3.

Total Contest overlay for week 3 was over $62,000 on DraftPot

The success they have had over the first 3 weeks of the NFL Season has given Draftpot the confidence to add even more NFL contests and more guarantees to their NFL Fantasy Schedule.

Starting on Week Four

DraftPot will be adding NFL Thursday Night start contests.

DraftPot will add a schedule of late Sunday afternoon start NFL Contests.

DraftPot will also add a “Primetime” schedule (Sunday and Monday NFL games) of GM Mode Fantasy Contests.

Draftpot is also adding more “single entry” football contests to their schedule.

Here’s the Big News:

DraftPot will be raising their weekly fantasy football guaranteed prize pools to $300,000 on Week Four and to $20,000 on this weeks College Football Contests!!!!!

There are also a couple of small rule changes starting this week.

GM Mode (DPPG) contests will have the cap lowered from 150 DPPG to 140 DPPG, to make line up selections a little more challenging.

Special Team TD’s will be added to Defensive scoring.

Kickers will be removed from college football contests starting on October 9th.

DraftPot.com offers the largest selection of No Salary Cap Fantasy Football contests anywhere and gives fantasy football players the best chance at a huge payday, on the best fantasy format available.

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