Have you heard of BOOM FANTASY? $500 Free Roll Tonight…..


I fell upon something really cool last night while looking around the web for a few fantasy football stats, Boom Fantasy.

Once I started playing, I couldn’t stop playing and I was completely hooked!

I started my play in the middle of the 3rd quarter of the Denver/Detroit game last night. I ran my total to over 38,000 but finished 21st and just missed a payout by one spot on that $100, 3rd Quarter Free Roll.

What is it? Boom Fantasy.com is an in-game fantasy contest.

You play on Boom Fantasy, by using your ability to predict what will happen on next play, your ability to call an offensive series, your skill is foreseeing what will happen on the next series of plays or kick.

Sample Monday Night Questions

Each time you play, you take the game situation into account, how is the defense playing, does the offense look out of sync, is the QB hurting? Is a cornerback limping?

You use all the information and tendencies you see happening during the game and on each and every offensive series, to make the correct decisions.

  • Each fantasy contest on BoomFantasy is divided into 4 quarters and contest winners are paid at the end of each quarter.
  • You can play all 4 quarters, or just on one or two quarters during any contest.
  • You start each quarter with 1000 and try to run your score up as high as possible by being correct.
  • My score in the 3rd Quarter last night was 38,500 and I just missed a cash win by one spot, I finished 21st, 20 was the last winning position
  • The contest that I was in last night had just over 500 players competing.

Monday Night Free Roll 8:30PM ET Start

$200 1st Quarter Free Roll

During the contest, you’ll be asked a question. Specific to the game situation at that time and given a choice of up to 4 answers. Each with different award amounts as you try to build your score. You have to make quick decisions, you only have a 10 second count down clock to make your choices. You can skip questions if you want.

If you are correct with your prediction, those question awards are added to your score. If your wrong, your score is deducted. Your goal is to finish in the top 20 of everyone playing in that contest. If you are in the top 20 at the end of that quarter, you’ll win contest cash.

What Kind of Questions will you see?

The possible questions are endless and can be about just anything that can happen during a NFL game.

Will there be a first down on the next play? Will the extra point be made? Will the next play be for positive or negative yardage? Will the call be overturned?  Will a flag be thrown on the next play?

Some in-game questions will ask about outcomes based on the next few plays or entire offensive possessions, so you may have 3, 4 or 5 questions waiting to answered at any one time.

The more difficult the question or the more unlikely the answer, the more you’ll be awarded for getting it correct.

I correctly called P Manning’s 45 yd TD to Thomas last night and  that’s the question that put me in the running for a free roll win.

Boom Fantasy 1

Boom Fantasy plans to have, for at least this week and for next week $500 Prime Time Freerolls every Thursday Night, Sunday Night, and Monday Night. Each will start at 8:30PM ET

Boom Fantasy Free Rolls pay out $200 for 1st Quarter, $100 2nd Quarter, $100 3rd Quarter and $100 4th Quarter. You can join during each quarter or just play one, it’s up to you.

Sign Up is simple, just a E mail address, pick your player name and a password to get started.

They will be converting to real-money buy-ins within the next few weeks, but that date is not finalized yet.

Boom Fantasy is a US Company based in New York City.

335 Madison Avenue
3rd Floor
New York, NY 10017

They are obviously huge Giant Fans, any time the Giants are playing they will have a $500 Freeroll.

Give Boom Shakalaka a try tonight, you’ll enjoy the experience……

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