The Easy Way to Build a Draftkings Football Lineup

Building a “Optimum” Fantasy Football Line Up on can be very easy, just follow these easy steps and you could make yourself a potential winner……..

If you don’t already know, DraftKings uses a Salary Cap format, using $50K in cap space to fill a 9 player line up.

The player values will vary each week and DraftKings is far from perfect with their player rankings/salary values. There are many “under priced” players each week and it is up to you to use your available salary cap to it’s fullest value, in order to create a winning line up.

Now, I’m assuming you have already done your diligent research and know where to look for players in excellent match-ups, who is injured, and who is replacing who, each and every week.

A NFL Fantasy Football Line Up has a $50,000 Salary Cap, a 9 Player Line up and an average salary of $5555 per position.

This Line Up “Secret” is simple, start at the bottom of your line up and work your way to the top.

Start your line up with a defensive team selection. This position will average anywhere from $3500 (best plays) to $2500 (worst plays). Choose about a $3K team, on this line up I chose a $3100 team.

This leaves us with an average salary of $5862 to use.

Next, go to the TE list. These guys range from $7800 (best) to $5000 (good) to $2500 (worst). Find a $5000 play, like I did.

You now have a $5985 average left for your selections.

See what I mean, start with the least expensive positions, to open more cap space for the more important skill positions.

Your next selection should be a lower priced WR. WR’s salaries will start at $9000 (best), $6000 to $5000 (good) and $2500 (worst). Go with about a $5K play, I used a $4800 WR with this selection.

You now have a average of $6183 left for your remaining picks.

I looked at more WR options next and went with a $4200 guy who looks good this Sunday.

That leaves us with a $6580 average to start making some hay with our line up.

Before the 2015 season started, the DraftKings Playbook posted these average salaries for winning line ups in 2014:  QB $7300, RB (2X) $5500, WR (3X) $5800, TE $5100, FLEX $5700 and DST $3100.

From there I looked at some mid priced RB’s. The best options were at $7500, mid range were $7K to $5K and the worst were at $2500.

There were quite a few mid range players slated with the P, Q and D notations, so I avoided them and chose a $4600 back up who is starting because of a starters injury.

There is now an average of $7075 salary left for our last 4 picks, QB, RB, WR and FLEX. This gives your team a lot of flexibility and a lot of quality players to choose from.

On DraftKings, I really like to stack my QB with his key receiver(s) on my line ups. Receptions=1 pt on DraftKings, so someone who is favored and gets a lot of  1st looks is very valuable. Expect big points when they connect often…..

I went to the QB list and started looking. QB’s start at $8000 (best) $7000 to $6000 (NFL starters) and down to $5000 (back-ups). I took a reasonably priced QB $7000 who has a great match up and put him in.

This left a $7100 average for my last 3 picks. That is a lot of average cap space for DraftKings fantasy football.

I took a quality $7000 WR next, upping the average left to $7150.

I went to my Flex selection next. Since I wanted my QB’s #1 receiving option in a stack, I chose him.

A Tight End, for my FLEX spot. Better yet, he only cost $5800.

Always pick a FLEX player towards the end, you’ll have more player options (RB, WR or TE) when using your larger average remaining Cap Space.

My last selection had $8500 to use, I could take anyone I desired, but I needed a RB.

So, I took the #1 RB option at $7500, nice, huh?

This meant our total salary spent for the entire line up was only $49,000, leaving me with $1000 in unused Salary cap…..

We can’t let that $1K go to waste, so I started looking around to see where I could upgrade.

After comparing what I used in cap space per position, plus the extra $1000, to who I could switch to, I decided a QB Upgrade would work best for this line up.

I dropped my $7000 QB (no QB/TE stack on this line up!) and added the #1 QB option priced at $8000.

Top receivers have higher value (PPR scoring) on DraftKings, sometimes an upgrade there, is the Best Option to use with excess cap space.

I could done many other line up upgrades, but I think starting the #1 QB this week, on a Monday night, at home, would do my winning chances the most good.

Here is the Line up we just constructed,

DK easy Line up

This line up only took me 5 minutes to create! I think it looks pretty good, don’t you?

Of course when I started, I already had a good idea who and what players I was targeting.

You can do the same, read everything you can about fantasy advice, read the papers, use some online fantasy advice sites, ask your fantasy buddies at work what they are thinking, each and every week.

Always have who you’d like to use on your mind, absorb everything you can each and every week. That always makes the process even easier.

I entered this line up in a small DK Sunday Start GTD Contest.

Feel free to use this line up or better yet, make your own line up  using our method to win the Sunday $1 Million Dollar GTD Football contest ($100K to 1st) on DraftKings.

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