Week 3 Fan Duel NFL Line Up Values

Fan Duel Player Values – Week Three

Updated: Thursday Sept 24th
It’s Monday and I know it’s early. But, I wanted to get my thoughts on the week 3 Fan Duel salary listings out for everyone to start thinking about. I’ll update this post during the week as new information becomes available.

Week 3 has several nice NFL match-ups to take advantage of and quite a few Value Plays to make those match-ups something you can use to win your Fantasy Contests on Fan Duel.

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QB Values: R Wilson SEA $8400, T Taylor BUF $7000, M Ryan ATL $8300, B Roethlisberger PIT $8500, T Brady NE $8700

RB Values: M Lynch $8700, J Stewart CAR $6500, L Bell PIT $8800, B Cunningham STL $5400

RB’s I have added  to lineups: D Freeman ATL $6500, D Lewis NE $6700

WR Values: S Watkins BUF $6800, A Robinson JAX $6600, T Benjamin CLE $5600, D Baldwin SEA $6000

TE Values: J Graham SEA $6300, G Olsen CAR $5900, R Gronkowski NE $8400

K Values: S Gostkowski NE $5000, S Hauschka SEA $5900, M Bryant ATL $4800

DST Values: SEA $5300, CAR $4600, ARI $4700, NE $4700, CLE $4600

QB/WR Stacks to take advantage of: R Wilson/J Graham SEA $12800, T Brady/Gronkowski NE $15100, Roesthlisberger/Brown $16500, M Ryan/J Jones ATL $16100

New Injuries to watch on week 3 : T Romo DAL QB, J Cutler CHI QB, E Lacy GB RB, J Witten DAL TE, R Tannehill MIA QB, M Stafford DET

Rumor Mill: Drew Brees NO QB has a Shoulder injury? He may miss several games!

Thursday Update: Brees has said he will play, however you still should avoid him and his receivers

Use the Value plays I listed to open Salary cap space for the High End Players and QB/WR Stacks.

I really like the Seattle Seahawks going against the Chicago Bears. It doesn’t look like Chicago can stop anybody this year. The Seattle Seahawks are 14 point favorites and could run up the score very easily to 45 or more points. The SEA Defense could hold the Bears down to 10 points very easily with back-up QB J Clausen starting for Chicago .

Here is one line up that could prove very profitable on Fan Duel.

I stacked Wilson, Lynch, Baldwin and Graham from Seattle and expect a lot of good things next Sunday. My salary savings also allowed me to insert Le’Veon Bell RB from PIT into my lineup.

If you use a few of our value plays, you could add additional line ups using our QB/WR stack suggestions and increase your winning line up possibilities.

Fan Duel Week 3 Lineup Suggestion

Note: Le’Veon Bell PIT RB  will be coming off suspension for week 3.

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