Week Two has created a great deal Of Questions

Week 2 Fantasy News, Notes and Opinion

10PM ET, September 20th

As I sit here, watching the Seattle at Green Bay game, I was thinking about the Week 2 schedule of NFL Games and their results.

It has brought about many more questions than answers for all of us Fantasy Football Fans….

Here are just a few of those questions and what I’m thinking…….

Who will replace Tony Romo on the Cowboys? Brandon Weedon.

I would downgrade all Cowboy receivers, Romo’s broken Clavicle will require a estimated 8 week period to heal, Ouch…..

Will Jay Cutler ever be worth anything? Nope…..

Injuries or not, he still will never live up to his potential. Downgrade the entire Bears offense, even RB Matt Forte (every one will be stacking the box against him).

Is the Bear defense really that bad again? Yes!

Take advantage at every opportunity, play any QB, WR and RB against the Bears Defense every week………

Are the Miami Dolphins over rated? Their Defense, YES!

The Dolphin Offense has plenty of weapons and should continue to be a force that fantasy players can use, especially R Tannehill QB and J Landry WR.

Is the Drew Brees era over in New Orleans? It doesn’t look good, only use New Orleans players on a game by game basis and very sparingly.

Can any one stop a very determined Tom Brady in New England? I doubt it!

Brady is determined to show the world that the Deflate-Gate bull shit was exactly that and you can expect a career year from the NE Quarterback and his #1 target Rob Gronkowski…..

Also, the NE defense is not very good and there will be a lot of shoot outs involving the Patriots….

Can we all say that Antonio Brown is the Best Receiver in the NFL? I would!!!!!!

Play him every week, wherever possible……..Take advantage of Antonio Brown by using a Roethlisberger/Brown stack weekly.

Will Carson Palmer be that good, every week? Probably not, however he will tear up shitty defenses at every opportunity.

Use him against the weaker defenses with confidence.

Has Jordy Nelsons injured Knee made James Jones relevant again? I’d say yes, maybe even more so, because Aaron Rodgers is throwing to him and Rodgers likes him, a lot!

Play James Jones early and often, until further notice.

Whats wrong with the Eagles? I don’t know…..

Maybe they should use their top RB and try running it more? Maybe they should throw more, maybe less? Maybe they should slow it down a bit? Maybe they should have kept last years team intact?(that’s probably the problem!)

That’s a lot of Maybes….. Keep tabs on the Eagles and rely less on their offensive players until further notice. “No More Eagle Stacks”

Is Johnny Manziel a real NFL QB?  No, nothing to see here….. At least not yet……

Can we trust QB Tyrod Taylor on Buffalo? So far, so good.

He should be able to put up serviceable fantasy points (20 to 25) every week. His rushing abilities should off-set any passing turnovers each and every week. He has more than enough capable receivers to maintain a consistent production number.

Use these answers as a starting point for building a Million Dollar fantasy football winner on DraftKings.com next Sunday.

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