Start your week with The “Monday Night Special”

It’s Monday, the start of a new work week for everyone.

It’s also the start of a new Fantasy Football Week on

If your like me, there is more on your mind on your Monday commute than just work.

Like, what can I do to make my life better?

How can I get enough money to pay my house off?

To pay for my children’s future?

Do I have enough beer for tonight’s game?

Yes, there is a lot on all of our minds every Monday and what could you do to answer all these life question’s?

Here’s a possible answer…..

The Monday Night Special on

This is a $250,000 Guaranteed Fantasy Football contest on that will be open every week of the 2015 season.

It includes players from the NFL Monday Night game and the upcoming NFL Thursday Night Game each week.

It only will cost you $3 to join (Free, if you Sign up and Deposit now!)

It starts at 8:30PM ET on every Monday Night of the NFL season, will allow you to enter multiple times (up to 200) and will guarantee $250,000 in total payouts.

In total there will be 20,400 winners, with $50,000 going to the first place finisher.

$50K can answer a lot of your questions, couldn’t it?

Monday Night Special Payouts

1st     $50,000.00
2nd     $20,000.00
3rd     $10,000.00
4th     $5,000.00
5th     $3,000.00
6th     $2,000.00
7th – 8th     $1,500.00
9th – 10th     $1,000.00
11th – 15th     $750.00
16th – 20th     $500.00
21st – 25th     $400.00
26th – 35th     $300.00
36th – 45th     $200.00
46th – 60th     $150.00
61st – 75th     $100.00
76th – 100th     $75.00
101st – 125th     $60.00
126th – 175th     $50.00
176th – 225th     $40.00
226th – 325th     $30.00
326th – 425th     $20.00
426th – 675th     $15.00
676th – 925th     $12.00
926th – 1425th     $10.00
1426th – 2425th     $9.00
2426th – 3925th     $8.00
3926th – 6425th     $7.00
6426th – 11425th     $6.00
11426th – 20400th     $5.00

Get on right now and win some life changing money!

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