I just got some expert Fan Duel Line Up Advice

I just listened to a 30 minute radio interviewFan Duel week 2 line up suggestion with a Fan Duel Fantasy Expert on my Favorite Sports Talk Radio station.

His picks, matched exactly with what I have been thinking this week.

This made me think, maybe I should have a few more dollars on my Fan Duel account and I should play a few more dollars on His (Our) fantasy expertise, this week………

I went on Fan Duel and threw another $50 on my account and started creating a few more line-ups.

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I have posted on the side right what the “Expert” kept recommending and what I considered my best shot at winning a few more dollars.

Now, I know a few of you are asking,

Why play on so many fantasy sites?

The reason is this is simple, each fantasy site has their own nuances. Slight differences in Salary Cap values and Total Line up Cap space, fantasy point scoring, line-up position requirements, etc.

Every Site is a little different from the others and most good fantasy players can take advantage of those differences.

The week to week differences can make some sites a better option on any given week. I really think, I’m one of those guys who can use this to my advantage.

I also forgot how easy it was to deposit on Fan Duel (it’s been a while). I was done in just a couple of minutes and I added a few line ups for this up coming Sundays Fantasy play.

I used my PayPal account, but you can use any Credit/Debit Card you want, including any prepaid gift or prepaid debit cards.

Easy Deposits via PayPalFan Duel Easy CC Deposits

Complete Fan Duel Fantasy Football rules and scoring.

Visit Fan Duel now and get your 100% (double your money as you play) Bonus and start playing on Fan Duel this Sunday.

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Good Luck……………

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