NFL Week One, No Salary Cap, Player Values

The NFL Kicks off on Thursday September 10th and all the final cuts have been made, players have been placed on IR and practice squads are being formed.

We all now know who is readily available for all of our No-Salary Cap Fantasy teams.

You really don’t need to be an expert and study the match-ups for hours to put together a competitive fantasy football team when there are no restrictions on who you can draft.

 Really simple No-Salary Cap Fantasy Football Strategy

Find a Fantasy Football Ranking Expert On-line that you like and use their top position rankings recommendations religiously.

Vary your multiple line-ups (mix and match players) using the top 4 or 5 QB options, the top 5 or 6 RB options, the top 5 or 6 WR options and top overall options as you Flex position players. This will allow you to form 5 or more quality line-ups for your play.

Try to stack a strong QB/WR combo on your line-ups.

Points per reception scoring makes WR’s and TE’s the preferred option for your Flex position players.

You don’t have to necessarily find a sleeper or 2 each week to compete on No-salary cap games, you can use all the top players, each and every week.

If there is a particularly tasty, lopsided NFL match-up on any week, use multiple players, like a QB, WR, RB combo on the heavily Favorited team.

Heed the injury report closely. With no salary cap, there is no reason to risk a “goose egg” on any position.

Defensive Team plays are easy to make also, just look at the Vegas lines, find the lowest o/u lines and pick the favored teams on those games as your DST.

Week One Player Suggestions

QB: A Rodgers GB, A Luck IND, M Ryan ATL, P Manning DEN, T Romo DAL, B Roethlisberger PIT.

RB: A Peterson MIN, E Lacy GB, J Charles KC, J Hill CIN, M Forte CHI, M Lynch SEA, D Murray PHI.

WR: J Jones ATL, O Beckham NYG, D Thomas DEN, A Brown PIT, D Bryant DAL, R Cobb GB, A Johnson IND.

FLEX/TE: R Gronkowski NE, J Graham SEA, G Olsen CAR, M Bennett CHI.


QB/ WR Stacks: M Ryan/J Jones ATL, A Rodgers/R Cobb GB, P Manning/D Thomas DEN, T Romo/D Bryant DAL, A Luck/A Johnson IND

Of course you can always stack your No salary cap team with all your home favorites, but you really want to win money don’t you?

Here is one example of a line-up you could use on Week 1

Sample SideLeague week one line-up

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You can play their weekly fantasy football free rolls or play for as little as 50c, $1 and up to $20 per league.

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