Week One NFL Value Plays on DraftKings

We are just 1 week away from the September 13th Sunday Games in the NFL and it’s time to look at some strategy and a few line up suggestions and player values for Week One on Draft Kings.com NFL Fantasy.

Basic Draftkings Weekly Football Strategies (The “Always” Rule)

Always key on the games with the highest Vegas “Game Overs” each week for your skill position players.
Always pick the favored DST on the games with the lowest Vegas o/u lines.
Always lean on spending a little more on receivers for their added points per reception value.
Always lean to using a WR/TE on your FLEX position.
Always try to stack a QB/WR combination to maximize their scoring potential on large tournament size contests.
Always use the safer plays (most consistant point scorers) for smaller contests like HTH, 3 player, 5 player and 10 player leagues
Always be aware of any players injury status, if he doesn’t play he won’t score you any points.
Always key on the inexpensive back-ups when a starter is injured
Always try to keep your player salaries within these average ranges: QB $7300, RB (2X) $5500, WR (3X) $5800, TE $5100, FLEX $5700 and DST $3100, you’ll never be able to have an exact average, just try to keep it around these numbers and as close as possible…….
Always pay attention to OPRK (Opponent Defensive Rank vs position), Green is very good match-up, white is an average match-up and red is a bad match-up.

Key Week One Las Vegas NFL Lines to consider when looking for player options: (My favorites are highlighted)

Highest potential scoring Games:

GB -4 at CHI 50 over, Indy -3 at BUF 48, NO at ARI -2.5 48, BAL at DEN -4 53, NYG at DAL -5.5 50, PHI -1.5 at ATL 53.5

Defensive games: TEN at TAM -3 42.5 and MIN at SF -3.5 42

Best QB Values:  Matt Ryan ATL $7500, R Tannehill MIA $7400, S. Bradford PHI $6900, T Bridgewater MIN $6600, B Bortles JAX $5900.

Best RB Values: J Forsett BAL $6200, J Stewart CAR $5800, L Murray OAK $5700, M Ingram NO $5600, D Martin TAM $4500, R Matthews PHI $3600, A Blue HOU $3600, TJ Yeldon JAX $5500, A Abdullah DET $4000, J Langford CHI $3000

Best WR Values: J Matthews PHI $7200, A Cooper OAK $6700, A Johnson IND $6100, N Agholor PHI $5700, J Landry MIA $5600, K Stills MIA $4700, D Adams GB $4400, E Royal CHI $3900, B Coleman NO $3000.

Best TE Values: J Graham SEA $5600, G Olsen CAR $5300, M Bennett CHI $4300

Best Flex Values:

Any Value Receiver or Tight End, always throw a receiver into the flex spot, points per reception will always tip the scales in favor of receivers in the Draft Kings Flex position.

Best DST Values: Seattle $3400, Cincinnati $3200, Cleveland $3100, Houston $3000

Best QB/Receiver Stacks:

S Bradford/J Matthews PHI $14100,  E Manning/O Beckham NYG $16700, M Ryan/J Jones ATL $16700, R Tannehill/J Landry MIA $13000, D Brees/B Cooks NO $15100, Bortles/Olsen JAX $11200, J Cutler/E Royal CHI $10700.

Player Injuries that could affect your line-ups this week:

R Griffin II WASH QB,  L McCoy BUF RB, J Bell DET RB, T Mason STL RB, C Spiller NO RB, T Gurley STL RB, A Jeffery CHI WR, R Cobb GB WR, M Evans TB WR, TY Hilton IND WR, R White ATL WR, M Floyd ARI WR, V Cruz NYG WR, B Perriman BAL WR, M Lee JAX WR

Players who have been ruled Out:

A Foster HOU RB, K White CHI WR, J Nelson GB WR, K Benjamin CAR WR, J Thomas JAX TE, A Gates SD TE

Here is just one potential line-up for Week One:

Week One DK Line-up

Don’t fret about the FPPG averages of Abdullah and Coleman, they haven’t played a snap yet in the NFL but the potential is there. Like every year in the NFL, every thing seen and read before the games start is just guessing and we have to watch a few weeks play out before any real accurate analysis can be made.

Miscellaneous Notes:

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