Fan Duel Improves their look!

Have you seen the new look Fan Duel?

Fan Duel has been very busy the last few weeks, updating the look and functionality of their already fine daily fantasy web-based platform.

This update was planned perfectly, just in time for the 2015 NFL Fantasy season.

All in all, the updates make Fan Duel look fresher, a little larger and I think, a lot easier to use than in the past.

The most first most noticeable change is the new look of the Main Lobby. There are still all the functions your accustomed to, but they have increased the lobby size, the function buttons and added a few more explanations of all the great fantasy contests they offer.

The Main Lobby now only displays contests for one sport at a time when you first log on. You no longer have to scroll thru every sport, every contest offered, to find what you are looking for.

With the anticipation of the upcoming NFL Season, NFL Contests are the current “default” sport shown on the main lobby when logging onto Fan Duel.

You can click the particular sport your interested in playing and omit anything you don’t want. The current lobby has NFL, MLB and CFB contests available. NBA, NHL and CBB will be available later this year.

If you click a contest name on the main lobby and you get all the details on that contest. Click Prizes and you get the exact payouts offered for that contest. Blue Dots are Guaranteed contests, Gold Dots are multi entry contests. Blue Flags means these are featured contests and offer the best prize pools.

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Fan Duel Main Lobby

Fan Duel New Main Lobby

The Draft Rooms for your fantasy contests also sport a new, larger look with the new feature that shows your chosen players in your line-up still on the available player listing.

This gives you the chance to make line-up changes already knowing where your original selections are ranked and their salary (the red circled minus sign), related to who you are now considering adding into your line-up.

This makes roster upgrades, using your leftover player salary balance a lot easier. There is now also a buy-in selection of $ or Fan Duel Points for each contest to make using you accumulated points easier to convert into contest entries.

Fan Duel Draft Room

Fan Duel Updated Draft Room

In addition to the new look Draft Room, Fan Duel has updated the look of the player profiles, just click a players name and you’ll get that players latest news, season stats and detailed game log.

Player Profiles

Fan Duel also updated their live scoring pages. They now have a all new Running Man feature.

Your score for each of your rosters is shown as a little blue man. His position shows your teams position in relation to contest payouts. If your in the green zone, your in the money (the payout zone) and the further to the right in the payout zone, the higher the payout.

If your position in the grey zone, you have an idea of how far your team(s) are away from the payout zone.

View by Entries Screen

New Live Running Man Visual

When you Click View by Rosters you have your line-ups fully view able and how each line-up/player is doing.

View by Rosters

New Live Scoring by Roster

When you click a individual roster, you get the same scoring details and where you stand with that particular roster, with the running man showing your position in relation to contest pay-outs.

Detailed Live Scoring

Fan Duel has been working constantly to improve their customers Daily Fantasy Experience and it shows……..I may have omitted a couple of new items, but the ones I listed are the ones every player will notice and use everyday as they play on Fan Duel.

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