A $1 Fantasy Football Contest you can win…..

$1 Fantasy Football on DraftKings

Are you looking for a cheap and easy way to play Fantasy football with-out the headaches of a season long league?

Are you willing to throw $1, $2 or $3 on yourself, on your fantasy guru status?

The $1 League, a $1 buy-in, $500 GTD League is the perfect place to show your fantasy football knowledge and win a few bucks every week!

DraftKings currently has over 463 Fantasy Football contests open to join and I think this one is for you!

$1 Fantasy Football

That’s me USALEGAL entered with a few line-ups (the M means multiple lineups entered).

This $1 Fantasy Football Contest is a great way to get yourself started on DraftKings.

These $1 contests are limited to 575 entrants and payout cash to the top 100 finishers. That equates to 1 winner for every 5.75 players entered.

First place on the $1 League, $500 GTD takes home a nice $100, 2nd wins $60, 3rd wins $30.

Are you better than 5 of 6 of your fellow fantasy football players?

You can, like I did, enter multiple line-ups, risk really very little and have a huge rooting interest in all of the great NFL match-ups every Sunday.

I have learned over my years playing on DraftKings, that smaller size guaranteed contests offer higher winning percentages for guys like me.

DraftKings will open additional $1 buy-in, $500 GTD Football Contests as each one fills up. So you are not limited to just one or two contests to join.

Getting into the weekly $1 football leagues on DraftKings would only need a $40 to $50 (less if your a fantasy winner) deposit to start.

Just pace yourself and never use more than 5% (limit yourself to 2 or 3 – $1 entries every week) of your total bankroll on entries on any given week.

Of course there are even more 25¢ and $1 fantasy football contest options available on DraftKings, I just wanted to point out what I think is the best bet for small limit fantasy players.

If you join DraftKings Now, you’ll get a free entry to a $3 Fantasy Contest and be eligible for a 100% bonus as you play.


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