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What is Stars Draft?

August 15, 2015

Stars Draft is the re-branded Daily Fantasy Site…..

Stars Draft Daily Fantasy is what many considered to be in the current top 4 or 5 Daily Fantasy Sites available to players.

Last Week, as it was announced on August 13, 2015,

Victiv was officially acquired by the Internet Giant Amaya (Poker Stars parent company). Acquisition details are not really available other than the fact that the deal actually had been in the “process” since early in the 2nd Quarter of this year and it was officially announced on Thursday.

How is this important?

This move gives Poker Stars (Stars Draft) an active, functioning and already successful daily fantasy site. Rumors had been floating around for months that Poker Stars had been wanting to get into the daily fantasy field before the start of the 2015 NFL Fantasy season.

With this move, they have accomplished that, quickly and efficiently without the need of developing their own daily fantasy software.

Currently there are fantasy MLB, NFL, PGA, NBA and NHL contests available on the site. It could be expected that there will be more international sports added such as soccer.

The current Poker Stars player base is world wide and very, very large. Adding a sport like soccer, with the unbelievably large world wide soccer fan base is a business opportunity that no other daily fantasy site has really (DraftKings has some soccer contests) competed for.

Star Draft could very easily be ranked in the top 3 Daily Fantasy sites very quickly…….

It should also be noted that in the time since the actual acquisition commenced (early 2015), programmers from both sides have been working together to incorporate the re-branding.

There have already been a few small refinements of the site, like a new contest lobby.

Contest Lobby

Victiv - Stars Draft contest lobby

I would expect to see more changes before the September 13th NFL Kick-off.

This also means that the current Victiv fantasy contest structures available and guaranteed payouts will undoubtedly increase as the player base grows and more funding is thrown into the fantasy mix by the parent company Poker Stars.

Stars Draft will no doubt, be able to compete with the Million Dollar fantasy contests currently offered on DraftKings and Fan Duel.

This is outstanding news for all the current Victiv players, as it is just in time for the start of 2015 NFL season.

I can hardly wait to see what kind of promotions we will see for the Fantasy Football Season on Stars Draft…..

I have personally had a Victiv account for a while now and play on PGA and NFL contests on occasion. I’m going to keep my eye on Victiv and I’ll let you know when the changes really start to appear.

Join Victiv/Stars Draft now, to get yourself in on the all-new and soon to be growing Stars Draft and you’ll get $30 in Free Play to get started playing.

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