SideLeague Fantasy Football is Up and Running

SideLeague opened their Fantasy Football Contest registrations on Thursday, August 13th.

SideLeague uses no salary cap for their weekly fantasy football, so you can use any players and any combinations of players you choose each week.

Line-ups consist of 2 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 FLEX and 1 DST

Set your SideLeague Line-up

When selecting your line-ups, just slide the players images to the left to see all available players for that position. Clicking the players picture will give you the latest news, STD stats, game logs and that week’s opponent and their opponents avg. points allowed against that position.

After you finish selecting your line-up, click “Next” in the upper RH corner. This will take you to the Contest selection screen. Scroll down to the contest(s) you choose and click it. That’s it, the App will prompt you thru the rest.

If you want to have different line-ups for different contests, just pick the contest for that line-up and start another new line-up for the next contest after you are registered for the first one.

After you are entered into any contest, you’ll be able to edit your roster(s) up until each players game kicks-off.

SideLeague will update (make sure your push notifications are on) you on any player news for your line-ups and update you when your players score during play.

Contest Selection Screen

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The selection of Football Contests and Buy-ins:

All contests will have 25 players, all contests will run and pay-out even if they do not fill completely, all SideLeague fantasy contests are guaranteed.

Exhibition Free Entry: Pays top 3 finishers 50¢ game tickets

Rookie 50¢ Entry: Pays $7.50 to 1st, $1.50 to 2nd and $1 to 3rd.

Beginner $1 Entry: Pays $15, $3 and $2

Pro $2 Entry: Pays $30, $6 and $4

Veteran $3 Entry: Pays $45, $9 and $6

All-Pro $5 Entry: Pays $75, $15 and $10

Elite $10 Entry: Pays $150, $30 and $20

Legendary $20 Entry: Pays $300, $60 and $40

SideLeague prides itself on a more casual approach to Fantasy Sports. That’s why there are no salary cap restrictions and why the contest sizes are limited to 25 players or less.

Players are also limited to one entry per buy-in amount, so you won’t find all the fantasy sharks (guys with 50 entries on each contest) on Sideleague like you do on the larger fantasy sites.

Your winning efforts are rewarded handsomely with the 15 to 1 payouts to the winners on each paid contest.

You can always play just the weekly Exhibition Free Rolls and work your way up the buy-in ladder with the 50¢ free play tickets you can win on the free rolls.

If you happen take your fantasy football play a bit more seriously, you can join one of each buy-in, (up to $40 total in buy-in’s) as you wish with the same or different teams and win a great deal more.

The Fantasy Football Scoring on SideLeague is pretty much the standard fantasy football scoring, however yards (pass, rush and receiving.) only score in full 10 or 20 yard blocks.

You get 1 point for every 10 yds  rushing or receiving and 1 point for every 20 passing yards.


16 yds rushing is only 1 point, you must go over 20 yds to score the second point, 30 for 3 pts, 40 for 4 pts etc.

192 pass yds will score 9 points, you’d have to break 200 yds to score 10 points, 220 for 11 pts, 240 for 12 pts, etc.

NFL scoring Offence

Sideleague DST scoring

SideLeague has a very unique approach to Fantasy Play and can be enjoyed by everyone, not just the experts………..

Visit your App store, download the Free SideLeague App and use promo code SS5QD to get $5 free to start playing today.

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