Use this SideLeague Promo Code on us………

Use Promo Code: SS5QD

Use Promo Code: SS5QD


Hey Every One,

Here’s a promo code to get you ready for the upcoming NFL Fantasy Season!

Use it before Kick Off on September 13th to get a Free $5 on us.

It’s completely Free and $5 is more than enough to get you ready for the September 13th NFL Kick-off.

You can play 50¢, $1, $2, $3 and bigger fantasy football leagues every Sunday on……….

Oh, by the way there is no salary cap ever to deal with on SideLeague, you can play any player you wish, any time, any week……

The No Salary Cap fantasy format differs (in a positive way) from all the other daily fantasy sites, it is designed to give everyone a chance to compete. Plus, SideLeague limits their contest sizes, there are no thousand(s) player contests. Every Contest is small enough (25  players, max) to easily win and pays the 1st place winner handsomely (15X the buy-in).

SideLeague is Fantasy Sports made easy for everyone

I’ll be offering weekly No Salary Cap line-up suggestions when the NFL season starts

Your Free $5 promo code for SideLeague is: SS5QD
SideLeague NFL Scoring:
NFL scoring Offence
 Sideleague DST scoring is a Mobile Play site only, available on your APP store, visit them now to get started….. Don’t forget to use promo code: SS5QD for your free $5 to get started
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