DraftKings 2015 Fantasy NFL Scouting Report

DraftKings 2015 NFL Scouting Report

DraftKings posted this in-depth 2015 Fantasy Report last Thursday, August 6th………

Chances are, if you are not a DraftKings fantasy player, you most likely did not get a chance to see or read the report.

The DraftKings NFL Scouting Report makes excellent use of key contest stats and line-up trends from all of the 2014 DraftKing NFL fantasy contest results.

What you’ll learn:

*You’ll get some very key advice/suggestions in a “formula” style of how to balance your rosters salary cap usage in both cash (50/50 or heads up contests) and how to balance your tournament (MTT’s) lineups.

*They give you the 3 key stats that their fantasy experts use to choose NFL players weekly.

*There is a nice breakdown of the most valuable Flex position players (RB,WR or TE).

*You’ll see what were the highest owned players in 2014 in both Cash and tournament contests.

*You’ll see what the average fantasy scores of 2014 winning teams for both cash games (50/50 and heads up contests) and tournaments (contests with large player fields) including their Millionaire Maker contests.

*There is also a NFL player section giving you the most used NFL players in the 2014 Cash and tournament contests on DraftKings.

*The projected 2015 top 5 players by position and the top 5 breakout candidates by position.

There is also of course details of DraftKings NFL fantasy scoring and roster composition details.

The 2015 NFL Scouting Report is a nice introduction to the 2015 NFL season on DraftKings and will give you a few things to think about and use when making your weekly line-ups.

The Scouting Report is free to download on the DraftKings Playbook and save to your computer, so you’ll have it all year to refer to as needed.

You can visit DraftKings to get a free football contest entry and start playing weekly fantasy football with a little more knowledge on how to win on DraftKings than the other guys…….



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