Fan Duel NFL Fantasy is Posted…..

Fan Duel has their Week One Fantasy Football contests up and registering………

Highlighting their week one NFL schedule of Fantasy contests are 5 Contests you just can’t miss out on playing…..

The $1 Million Dollar NFL Rush: $5 buy-in, multi-entry, $1M GTD payout, $100K to 1st, a top ten finish will win at least $4K, 80 $500 winners,  46,000 total places paid.

The $5 Million Sunday Million: $25 Buy-in, multi-entry, $5M GTD Payout, $1M to 1st, a top 10 finish will win at least $20K, 180 $1k winners, 46,000 total places paid.

The $100K Squib: $1 buy-in, $100K GTD Payout, $10K to 1st, over 23,000 total places paid.

The $100K Safety: $2 Buy-in, $100K GTD Payout, $8K to 1st, over 10,700 total places paid.

The $100K Scramble: $10 buy-in, $100K GTD Payout, $10K to 1st, over 2100 total places paid

These contests will include all the Sunday and Monday games on week one.

These contests total over $6 million dollars in guaranteed payouts and have buy-ins that are small enough that everyone can afford to enter multiple line-ups in to enhance your chances of taking home a huge week one payday…..

When you visit the NFL contest lobby on Fan Duel, you’ll also find the usual assortment of hundreds of Fantasy Football leagues and you’ll also see the contests flashing (yellow) as players join contests for the opening week of 2015 season of weekly fantasy football.

Salaries and Player rankings are posted and you can start planning your week one line-ups as NFL training camps and preseason games are being played out.

Fan Duel uses a salary cap format and standard fantasy football scoring (Details)

Fan Duel NFL Contest lobby

Week One FanDuel Football lobby

Fan Duel NFL Draft Room

$1M Sunday Rush draft room

Fan Duel will give you a 100% Deposit Bonus and will notify you of each special promotion (Free Rolls, Bonus Payout contests, etc.) via e-mail when you join today.


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