You have to try Fantasy Golf on Draftkings

I did something I have never done before while playing on Draftkings……

I sweated out the final 3 holes of the Open Championship in a position to finish 2nd in a PGA Fantasy Golf Contest…..OMG!!!!

I also had to do something I have never done, I cheered against a specific player Jordan Spieth (who threatened my 2nd place position) from going for his 3rd straight Major this year.

The pressure was outstanding and my daughter looked at me like I was crazy, screaming at a golf game on TV.

Of course this entry was in a smaller 470 player tournament, so there wasn’t a $1 million dollars on the line, but it felt like it for me.

The Open ended regulation in a 3 way tie, meaning a 3-way playoff

Here’s my Draftking scoreboard at the end of regulation play

Golf Scores on DraftKings

I’m usalegal with Zach Johnson and Marc Leishman, Spyboy500 also has Johnson and Leishman. Cammyboy11 has Oostenhausen left.

This means my cheering in the playoff will be for either Johnson or Leishman to win. Playoff scoring on DraftKings golf contests only changes finish position scores (20,10 and 18) and nothing else.

Now here’s what everyone wants to know, How did I get myself into this position, how did I choose my line-up?

My secret golf player handicapping resource is the information I receive on TeamStream…..TeamStream is the mobile App that Bleacher Report offers.

Here’s the link to the Report I used for the Open Championship:

I have used their information on many DK golf tournaments and have about a 75% success record of cash-outs. Now, this is the highest I’ve ever finished using their expertise. Most contests I at least double or triple my buy-ins, using their suggested line-ups.

The exact line-up that was suggested by Steve Silverman (article writer) is the exact line-up that put me in this winning position

Another thing I do with their suggested line-ups is use the basic line-up they offer and make a few player changes in order to add multiple line-ups to the same contest.

How did it work out with the 3 Player Playoff for me?

Zach Johnson Won the Open Championship and I finished 2nd with my top line-up of 522.5 points (I missed 1st by just 23 Points) and had a additional 88th place finish (429 pts.) with one of my alternate line-ups……

Over all, I cashed on 2 of my 4 line-ups on this contest and made some nice money (about 18X my investment) on my golf fantasy.

If you’d like to try your hand at Fantasy Golf on DraftKings, click here to get a 100% Deposit Bonus and free entry to a Fantasy Contest

How would my top line-up had fared on the $3.3M Open Championship Millionaire Maker? 

My 522.5 point line-up would have finished tied for 410th with a $250 win (for a $20 investment).

Out of a total of 171,750 entries in the Millionaire Maker, 410th place would have been a great finish for a guy like me…………..

My 429 point alternate line-up would have had a small $25 win, so I would have made $195 total ($250+$25) less the $80 (4 entry) investment I could have made.

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