Weekly Fantasy Football Contests are Open…..

Which Daily Fantasy Site has the 1st Fantasy Football contests open for the 2015 NFL Season?


Draftpot.com has opened registration for their 2015 opening weekend fantasy football contests.

DraftPot.com offers traditional salary cap and non salary cap fantasy football.

Week One Contests

The $100K Touchdown    September 13, 2015 at 1PM ET

This is a $10 entry, $100,000 guaranteed payout, Fan Mode (no salary cap) contest that will pay the winner $10,000. All in all, the top 2200 finishers will be paid.

The $50,000 Spike   September 13, 2015 at 1PM ET

This is a $20 entry, $50,000 guaranteed payout, GM Mode contest that will pay the winner $5000. All in all, the top 550 finishers will be paid.

Game Formats

Fan Mode is a No-salary Cap game, where you can use any and every player available with no restrictions on how you build your line-up. Fan Mode player lists are ranked by average points per game.

GM Mode uses DPPG (Draftpot average points per game) cap. This limits your line-up to a capped average of how many points your players average each game played.

GM Mode games have a total cap of 150 DPPG’s.

Elite QB’s, RB’s and WR’s will have about a 20 to 25 pt avg. The majority of solid players are in the 15 to 20 point range. Untested rookies start the season with a 10 point average and will be adjusted as the season progresses. Minimum salary players have 0 to 5 average points per game.

It looks like game match-ups are not taken into account and the player rankings are based solely on average points scored per game. It is important you keep that in mind when assembling your line-ups.

DraftPot Football Draft Room

DraftPot NFL Fantasy Scoring:

Starting Line-up


Offense (Fractional scoring is counted)

Passing Yard     .04  (1 pt per 25)
Passing Touchdown     4
Rushing Yard     .10  (1 per 10)
Rushing Touchdown     6
Receiving Yard     .10 (1 per 10)
Receiving Touchdown     6
Reception     1
Kickoff Return Touchdown     6
Punt Return Touchdown     6
Two Point Conversions     2
Field Goal from 0-30 yards     3
Field Goal from 30+ yards +0.10/per yd (example: 53 yd FG = 5.3)
Extra Point Conversion     1

Sack = 1
Pick = 2
Fum Rec = 2
Safety = 2
Block Kick = 2
Return TD = 6 (INT, FUM or Block Kick)

Defense Points allowed:

0 pts = 10, 1 to 6 pts = 7, 7 to 13 pts = 4, 14 to 20 = 1, 21 to 27 = 0, 28 to 35pts = -1, 35 or more = -4

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