Fantasy Golf on DraftKings

Fantasy Golf is becoming the Best way to play golf in 2015………..

The Open win $1Million Dollars

Get a free entry to win $1Million dollars with any deposit

I’ve been working on my golf game the last few weeks and I’ve improved my game greatly by playing Fantasy PGA on DraftKings.

Now, I’m the first to admit I know very little about the players or the courses. I do however, love to have a reason to pay attention to all the PGA scores and updates every weekend and I have found a couple of great sources of information to help me choose my golfer line-ups.

I have actually even cashed winners on a couple of these (small $ amounts) and I think I can do even better……

Fantasy Golf Scoring is pretty self explanatory on DraftKings and you can enter most large contests with multiple lineups.

Buy-ins start as low as 25c and $1 so having 5 or 6 line-ups is not an expensive way to make your winning chances even better.

Scoring is live DraftKings on the website and on the mobile APP, so you know where you stand at any time.

PGA Live Scoring

DraftKings has already awarded 2 Millionaires this year on their Millionaire Maker Fantasy Golf Contests and will have another Million Dollar payout Contest next week for the British Open.

Use this link, to get a Free $20 entry to the Millionaire Maker with any deposit ($5 deposit minimum). Expires at 1AM ET on July 16th

PGA Millionaire Maker  July 16, 2015

I’m in for the British Open and maybe I’ll be talking as a winner next Sunday…….


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