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DraftPot.com is the newest addition to the Daily Fantasy phenomenon……….

DraftPot.com offers an unusual selection of Daily MLB Fantasy games.

The first option on DraftPot are the Fan Mode games. These have absolutely no restrictions on who you play on your fantasy teams, no salary cap and something really different for MLB Fantasy, no pitchers are used, just all the best bats/position players you can line-up to play.

The second option is the GM Mode. On these games you choose your players under a “salary cap” of each players average fantasy scoring.

You get a 28 fantasy point cap to build your team on the GM mode and each player is ranked by their average daily fantasy scoring on DraftPot.com

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On the MLB Games on DraftPot you only select a line up of position players, no pitchers.

Fan Mode has no player restrictions, GM mode uses DPPG for each player for the Salary Cap of 28 DPPG for your fantasy team.

*You choose Fan Mode or GM Mode when adding your line up.

*Just click “Next” (at bottom of player listings) when your ready to join a Contest

MLB DraftPage on DraftPot

You can use the same line-up on multiple contests or use different line-ups for each contest you enter to cover every possible player combination you desire.

I believe this is the best daily fantasy format available (it levels the playing field) and everyone should take advantage of the sites, like DraftPot.com that can offer this format to their players.

My $1000 April 10, 2015 Free roll line-up

$1000 Free Roll Line-up

Draftpot.com fantasy scoring is simple for every sport and league they have contests for.

DraftPot Scoring

DraftPot offers many Contests, for MLB, NBA, NHL and NFL (when in season) from Free Rolls to $2, $5, $10 up to buy-ins of $75 and higher.

Many contests are guaranteed to pay out, just look for the G. The M means you can enter more than one team on that contest and the S means you can only enter that contest only once.

MLB Contest Lobby

DraftPot Home page

Depositing is easy on DraftPot, all major Credit Cards are accepted.

Deposit Options

Cash outs are processed via PayPal on DraftPot.com

Cash Out options on DraftPot

Expert Fantasy Players can use the Fan Mode option to use their fantasy knowledge to the max. If your looking for more of a challenge, play the GM Mode to test your true fantasy skills.

I really think the No-Salary Cap format fantasy games will become the Daily Fantasy Games of the future. Everyone can play their own favorite players/home town players and feel they have a chance to win, even up against the other players who study the games/match-ups in more detail.

I’m personally looking forward to the upcoming NFL season on DraftPot.com

Man, that will be something to see with no restrictions on who you can start, how many contests you can enter and the prize pools that will be guaranteed.

Use Promo Code: CHICAGO when you sign up to get your 100% Deposit Bonus on DraftPot.com to get started.
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