What is that Deposit Bonus that Fan Duel is advertising?

Fan Duel 100% Bonus Details

I’m sure you have heard at least one of the Radio Spots that Fan Duel is playing on Sports Radio all over the U.S. just in time for the start of the Fantasy Baseball season.

Fan Duel Fantasy Baseball Details

Fan Duel will match any deposit you make 100% up to $200. This means your money will be doubled by just playing on the Largest Daily Fantasy Sports site here in America.

How it works:

You’ll get a Pending Bonus account when you deposit, equal to your first deposit. This is how much you can earn in your Free Bonus.

You will have money added back into your account from this pending bonus account as you play and you’ll know exactly how much you have earned and can still earn while you play.

Every time you enter a fantasy contest on Fan Duel you will get a 4% rebate on every dollar you play added back into your player account as soon as that contest is completed.

Play a $1 game you’ll get 4c returned to your account. Play $20 in contests, you’ll get 80c back.

It doesn’t sound like much but it adds up quickly and if your a winning player it really makes your money grow……..

Here is how your account history will look as you collect your Bonus:

Bonus payments to your player account

They state a promo code on their ad’s, but none is needed. Every one gets the 100% Bonus offer on their first deposit bonus every day on Fan Duel.

Get started playing Daily Fantasy on Fan Duel with the 100% Bonus today.

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