The Perfect Fantasy Baseball Line-up

The goal of every player of Fantasy Baseball is to create that perfect line-up.

Now that is something that is very difficult to do, every player knows the rules of fantasy are set up to equalize the chances of every one playing.

No one player can possibly make a perfect line-up. Snake drafts, salary caps and trade rules all make it very difficult to have all the best players available and you’ll be limited to only 2, maybe 3 of them on any one team. You have to be able to find as many of the hidden gems and sleepers who can over-perform their stat projections.

This begs to ask the question,

What if you could get everyone you want on your fantasy baseball team?

Would you start this Perfect Fantasy baseball line-up if you could?

SP  Clayton Kershaw

SP  Felix Hernandez

C    Buster Posey

1B  Jose Abreu

2B  Jose Altuve

3B  Miguel Cabrera

SS  Ian Desmond

OF  Mike Trout

OF  Giancarlo Stanton

OF  Andrew McCutchen

How good could your team really be with that line up?

I know what your thinking, there is no way I could play, let alone have a chance to acquire all those players……

Well, on fantasy baseball you could!

Sideleague has no salary cap, no snake drafts and allows you to start any one you choose on your fantasy team.

On SideLeague you’ll have every player on every MLB team available for your line-up every day.

SideLeague is the latest innovation in Daily Fantasy Sports Play.

Cashing Out your winnings on SideLeague

Visit (on your mobile APP store) and use Promo Code: SS5QD to get a $5 free fantasy bankroll

SideLeague Baseball Scoring:


Your teams line-up will consist of: SP, SP, C, 1B or DH, 2B, 3B, SS, OF, OF, OF

Hitter scoring:

Single = 4 points (High OBP and OPS scores big)

Double= 8 points

Triple = 12 points

Home Run = 16 points

Walk = 4 points

HBP = 3 points

RBI= 4 points

Run Scored = 4 points

Stolen base = 8 points (Speed pays well on SideLeague)

Strike Outs are the only negative batter stats (-1 point)

Pitchers Scoring:

Strike Out = 4 points

Inning pitched = 4 points (You want starters that go deep into their starts)

Each ER allowed = -4 points

Hit against = -1 point (You want starters with low WHIP’s)

Walk = -3 points

Win = 8 points

Complete game = 8 points

CG Shut out = 10 points

No hitter = 12 points

Scoring points on Sideleague Fantasy Baseball will not be an issue. These will be the highest scoring games you have ever seen in Fantasy Baseball.

Baseball Contests will start on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. All will run for 3 days, you choose your players game for the contest from their match-ups during those 3 day periods.

Sideleague has partnered with RotoWire as their fantasy information source.

You get a complete scouting report on each player. You get push notifications of any of your player injuries or current starting status before their game begins.  You can edit your line-up, up until that players game begins.

Contests are set at 25 fantasy teams, all pay the top 3 finishers, all have guaranteed cash payouts. Buy-ins start as low as 50¢ and Free Rolls are starting every day.

Use Promo Code: SS5QD

Use Promo Code: SS5QD for $5 in Free Play

SideLeague offers MLB, NBA, NHL and NFL Fantasy games using the same type of high scoring line-up format, all year long.
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