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Editors Note: This was originally intended to be a brief introduction to Sideleague, but I had so much to say it turned into a full page Review and Site Detail.

All About SideLeague

I actually found SideLeague while listeningSIDELEAGUE to my favorite sports radio station back in December 2014 while I was driving to work one evening.

I joined them on my iPhone® when I got to work.

I entered a NFL free roll and won a 50c ticket that next Sunday.

The following week I used my 50c ticket and won another NFL contest ($7.50).

Since then, I won a NFL Playoff contest, several 50¢ tickets on the Free Rolls and I have a couple of 1st places and 2nd and 3rd places in 50¢ of NBA Contests. I haven’t been able to cash on any NHL contests just yet.

I have been playing on those winnings ever since and hope to continue to progressively grow my SideLeague fantasy bankroll.

I am really excited about their MLB contests set to start in April and plan on spending my summer, watching my fantasy baseball teams win me a few bucks. This will set me up perfectly for a full NFL season next September on Sideleague.

SideLeague is not one of those Fantasy sites where you can win a million dollars in one day (you can however, win some nice cash), it is based on a more casual style of fantasy play, more of a play for fun style, for lower cash limits.

SideLeague is a perfect way to play fantasy sports, no salary caps to deal with, no 10,000 or more player leagues you hope to win on, it is perfect for everyone who follows any major US sport and would like to have a little something riding on the results every day.

Who plays on Sideleague? Everyone who loves their team!

From casual players who just want to connect to their friends or if your a rabid fan of any one sports team. You can load your lineup with your favorite teams and all the big name players.

For you serious fantasy players, is very apparent that Expert Fantasy Players can use the SideLeague “no salary cap format” as a very easy way to grind out small, but steady profits using your complete fantasy sports handicapping and match-up knowledge.

One thing everyone will notice about Sideleague, the fantasy scoring is extremely high. Since you can use any player you want (pick’em style) you can load up on the highest fantasy scorers every time you play.

For example, in order to win a NBA contest you really need to score 350 points or more, to even have a chance………

Here’s the Final standings from last week ends NBA Contest that I was lucky enough to win:

NBA WKND Final scores

Sideleague is only available for play on your phone (it was designed as a App, not a website) , so it is perfect for playing and watching while at work, on the road or anywhere else you have to be………

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SideLeague Details

*Sideleague has Daily/Weekly MLB, NFL, NBA, & NHL fantasy contests that require no long term commitment.
*All leagues are limited to 25 player contests and pay the top 3 finishers.
*All contests are guaranteed to run & payout even if they don’t fill.
*NFL contests run as one week leagues. MLB, NBA and NHL contests run as week-day MON-THU (4 day) and week-end FRI-SUN (3 day) fantasy contests.
*All sports use standard fantasy scoring.
*You can Play for Free everyday or for Real Money.
*Contest Entry fees range from Free Rolls, 50c, $2, $5, $10 and $20 with prizes that range from $0.50-$300
*SideLeague Free Rolls pay the top 3 finishers 50c real money contest tickets.
*All Cash Games pay 1st place 15X the buy-in, 2nd place 3X the buy-in, 3rd place pays 2X the buy-in.

*Cash-outs are extremely easy….Here are the Details
*SideLeague uses a easy to use, pick’em style draft with no salary cap and have absolutely no restrictions on your player selections.
*You’ll have complete player stats, opponents, news and updates available when choosing your teams players.
*You’ll have complete text/picture messaging and video sharing with friends and opponents.
*Live game dashboard displaying available contests that your friends have joined and all live and upcoming contests.
*Live fantasy scoring and updates as your fantasy contests progress.
*Live pre-game player news/injury updates sent directly to you, before your contest starts with plenty of time to change your line-ups.
*Line-up editing until the first pro game starts for given contest.
*You can Deposit for real money play via Credit Card or Pay Pal.
*You can cash-out winnings via Dwolla or Pay Pal.
*Sideleague was designed as a Mobile App, not as a web site converted to a App.
*Free App downloads for iPhone® or Android® on your App Stores.
*Established in 2014, SideLeague is a US based site, located in Chicago, Illinois.
*SideLeague is completely legal (in most US states).

Sign up is easy, just a e-mail account, a screen name and a Password is needed to start.

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