NBA Fantasy Championship

Can you win the $1,000,000 1st Place Prize?

Well, if you play on DraftKings, If you know anything about the NBA, that is what you could be playing for……..

$1 Million Dollar Fantasy Basketball Championship has set up the largest prize ever for a NBA Fantasy Basketball Championship.

The Fantasy Basketball World Championship

*Play for your share of a $2,000,000 prize pool and the Fantasy Basketball World Championship Belt

*You can only win a $55K package via qualifier on DraftKings.

*Only 40 players will Qualify, no direct buy-ins.

*Qualifiers will run through march 16, 2014

*Each package (a $55,500 value) includes an FBWC Ticket PLUS a five-night (Mar. 18th-23rd) VIP trip to  Las Vegas and $1,000 cash for airfare!

*The Final in Las Vegas will include the eight NBA games that tip-off between 3-6pm EST on March 22nd

*You’ll be at exclusive viewing parties for all the NBA games and all March Madness Games throughout the opening weekend of the NCAA tournament in Las Vegas.

*Since your in Las Vegas, you can not only bet on your favorite NCAA Tournament team, there will also be CBB Fantasy games live on DraftKings that same week end.

*Qualify for the $200,000 Fantasy Hockey World Championship that same weekend in Las Vegas.

*Yes, you can Eat, Drink, Bet, Party and win a $1 Million Dollars all in the same week end.

*Can you think of anything else to do in Vegas? Well you’ll be there for 5 nights, think about it!

All 40 Qualifiers who go to Vegas for the FBWC will win Cash, no matter what…….

1st=$1,000,000, 2nd=$250K, 3rd=$150K, 4th=$100K, 5th=$75K, 6th=$50K, 7th=$30K 8th=$25K 9-10th=$20K, 11th to 15th=$15K, 16th to 20th=$10K, 21st-30th=$8.5K and 31st to 40th=$7K

Start playing the qualifiers on today, look for FBWC qualifiers on the main contest lobby.

Qualifier Buy-ins start at 25¢, $2, $5, $12, $20, $300 and $1000

Do you have it in you? I personally play NBA fantasy, but with little success. I’m gonna put in a few entries just to try, who knows maybe, just maybe I’ll hit on a winning line-up.

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