Play NBA Fantasy on Christmas Day for Free

The NFL Fantasy season is winding down, time to start your run on the NBA Fantasy season.

DraftKings is offering the perfect wayFree $25K NBA Fantasy Contest to get started……

Join DraftKings Now, you’ll get a entry ticket to the $25K Christmas day Free Roll. This offer will expire at 11:59AM ET on Christmas Day.

You just have to make a minimum deposit of $5 (use your X-mas gift cards) and you’ll be in, 1st place will pay the winner $5000.

1150 players will win some easy cash on Christmas Day.

Total Payouts

1st     $5,000.00
2nd     $2,000.00
3rd     $1,000.00
4th     $500.00
5th     $200.00
6th – 7th     $100.00
8th – 10th     $75.00
11th – 20th     $50.00
21st – 50th     $30.00
51st – 125th     $25.00
126th – 200th     $20.00
201st – 400th     $15.00
401st – 700th     $12.00
701st – 1150th     $10.00

DraftKings offers the best in daily NBA Fantasy, so you’ll be in the game everyday when you sign up.

NBA Rules and scoring on DraftKings


  • Rosters will consist of 8 players and must include players from at least 2 different NBA teams, and representing at least 2 different real-life NBA games.
  • You will have a Salary Cap of $50,000 to create your team.
  • Salaries will be determined the day before the contest begins, figure on a $10K average for top players with a $3000 minimum salary.
  • The 8 roster positions are: PG, SG, SF, PF, C, G, F, and UTIL.
  • Live scoring is available online and on the DraftKings mobile app.


  • Players will accumulate points as follows:
    • Point = +1 PT
    • Made 3pt. shot = +0.5 PTs
    • Rebound = +1.25 PTs
    • Assist = +1.5 PTs
    • Steal = +2 PTs
    • Block = +2 PTs
    • Turnover = -0.5 PTs
    • Double-Double = +1.5PTs (MAX 1 PER PLAYER: Points, Rebounds, Assists, Blocks, Steals)
    • Triple-Double = +3PTs (MAX 1 PER PLAYER: Points, Rebounds, Assists, Blocks, Steals)

Start your road to NBA Fantasy Riches today…….Join DraftKings Now



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