Gift Cards for Christmas

Did you get a gift card for Christmas?

Millions of Gift Cards will be exchangedUse your Gift Card to play on DraftKings as gifts over the Holidays.

How many times have you heard “just get him a gift card” or “I didn’t know what you wanted, use it for whatever you want!”

How many did you get???? How many did you give?

Think about it, Do you still have a few cards from the past year still stuffed in your wallet or a drawer with just enough money on them not to throw away or maybe just enough to buy a cheap piece of candy or a pack of gum?

Finally, there is a use for all those gift cards where nothing is wasted.

Here’s a great idea, use those gift cards to fund a daily fantasy run on

You can also give a Gift Card for Christmas and suggest to the fantasy playing recipient.

When you get a gift card for a gift on X-mas, you’ll still be able to play some Big Money playoff fantasy football this year, yes there will quite a few high paying fantasy football contests that will be offered during the actual NFL Playoffs.

Your gift cards will also give you a shot at some high scoring and high paying Daily NBA Fantasy, some fast paced NHL Fantasy, the College Bowl season, the rest of the College Hoops season including March Madness or even set yourself up for the 2015 MLB Fantasy Season.

The best thing about using your Christmas present on DraftKings is you won’t waste a penny. There is no sales tax, no odd cents involved, and every deposit you make is in even dollar amounts and can be as low as $5 (Do you have one with just about that amount left now?).

It’s the perfect use for all those common those $25 and $50 gift cards.

Just use your “use anywhere” gift cards as a credit card and enter the amount you want to start with when depositing on DraftKings and you’ll be in the hottest fantasy games around……….

DraftKings Deposit Screen

How easy is it to Deposit on DraftKings

Joining DraftKings now will get you a free entry into a paid fantasy contest and DK will add a 100% Bonus (Double your Money)  to your account as you play.

Visit this page with any Questions you may have about DraftKings.



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