Free Entry to $3 Million Dollar Fantasy Championship

Week 15 Millionaire Maker

Any Deposit gets you Free Entry

How did your Fantasy team do on Sunday?

Many fantasy leagues started their playoffs in week 14.

Did your season long team even make the playoffs?

Were you disappointed when your playoff team floundered because of all of the sub par fantasy performances on the fields in week 14?

Drew Brees 0 TD, Payton Manning 0 TD, J Graham 5.5 pts, J Thomas 0 Pts., A Morris 2.7 pts, Saints D -4 pts. were just a few of the players who ruined many a fantasy players play off hopes in week 14.

Fear not, you can still play for a fantasy championship in weeks 15 and 16 with a whole new line-up on DraftKings!

Here’s your 2nd chance for Fantasy Glory you cannot miss out on……

Join Now, make a small deposit (as little as $10) and get a free entry into the Dec 14, 2014 Millionaire Maker…….

DraftKings has already paid out 11 fantasy football millionaires this year, can you be the next one on week 15?

The week 15 Millionaire Maker is part of the World Fantasy Football Playoffs on DraftKings.

The Millionaire Maker is a $27 entry, $3 Million Dollar guaranteed prize pool, multi-entry, Dec. 14th 1PM ET start with $1M going to the winner.

Millionaire Maker Full Prize List

1st $1,000,000.00
2nd $150,000.00
3rd $75,000.00
4th $50,000.00
5th $40,000.00
6th $35,000.00
7th $30,000.00
8th $25,000.00
9th – 10th $20,000.00
11th – 15th $15,000.00
16th – 20th $10,000.00
21st – 30th $5,000.00
31st – 40th $3,000.00
41st – 65th $1,000.00
66th – 125th $500.00
126th – 250th $300.00
251st – 750th $150.00
751st – 1500th $100.00
1501st – 3500th $75.00
3501st – 10570th $50.00
10571st – 25670th $40.00
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