Sunday Million Special on DraftKings

Would you put up $20 to have a chance for a $200K Fantasy Payday?

This Sunday December 7, 2014 is your chance!

Week 14 Sunday Million Special on DraftKingsDraftKings is holding The Sunday Million $20 Special……..

DraftKings has already awarded Multiple Millionaires this season playing Fantasy Football, could your Fantasy Football Skills put you in this category?

Face it, if your season long fantasy team is out of the playoffs and most are, then you have nothing really to play for these next couple of weeks.

On DraftKings there is still plenty to play for. Wouldn’t winning $200,000 for the holidays come in handy?

The Sunday Million Special is a $20 buy-in, Sunday Dec. 7th Noon kick-off,  multi entry, $1 million Dollar guaranteed prize pool, limited to 56,700 players, paying out 12,125 Cash Winners (about 1 in 4.6 players will cash out). Draft a fantasy champion now.

Sunday Million Draft Room

Take a chance on this week 14 Lineup

Sunday Million Special Payouts

1st                         $200,000.00
2nd                       $100,000.00
3rd                        $40,000.00
4th                        $20,000.00
5th                        $10,000.00
6th                        $5,000.00
7th – 8th               $3,000.00
9th – 10th             $2,000.00
11th – 15th            $1,000.00
16th – 25th            $700.00
26th – 50th            $500.00
51st – 100th           $300.00
101st – 200th         $200.00
201st – 300th         $150.00
301st – 500th         $100.00
501st – 700th          $80.00
701st – 1200th          $70.00
1201st – 1700th        $60.00
1701st – 2700th        $50.00
2701st – 5200th        $45.00
5201st – 12125th      $40.00

There’s even more to play for on DraftKings in December, DraftKings $10 Million Fantasy Championships

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