Thanksgiving Day Fantasy Football

Monday Nov. 24, 2014 Update: Be sure to Click Here to get a $20 free entry to the Wishbone Classic with any deposit ($5 Minimum) on DraftKings (expires at 12:30PM ET on 11/27/2014).

The $600K Wishbone Classic

Everybody loves Thanksgiving and the Holidays, Wishbone Classic on DraftKingswhat could be better than Family, Friends, Turkey and Football?

Well, this coming Turkey Day Nov. 27, 2014 now has one more reason to celebrate.

The $600,000 Fantasy Football Wishbone Classic on DraftKings.

Watching football has always been a holiday tradition, why not make your football viewing even more interesting from a Fantasy perspective?

Why not have a rooting interest in all 3 scheduled games?

All 3 NFL Thanksgiving games will be on Free TV (no NFL Network this year).

The Wishbone Classic will include these NFL 3 games:

CHI at DET 12:30PM ET, PHIL at DAL 4:30PM ET and SEA at SF 8:30PM ET

All 3 of these games should be high fantasy scoring games, they are all great NFC rivals and important divisional match-ups.

All NFL fans from the East Coast, Midwest and West Coast definitely have interest in these games and the entire country will be watching.

Players that I’m personally looking at for the Thanksgiving games include:

M Stafford DET QB, T Romo DAL QB, C Johnson DET WR, B Marshall CHI WR, D Bryant DAL WR, J Matthews PHI WR, M Forte CHI RB, D Murray DAL RB and the DET DST

Entry to the Wishbone Classic is just $20 ($2 and $5 satellites will be available). There is a $600,000 guaranteed prize pool, multiple entries are available and over 8100 places will be paid.  Play it for Free here

A top ten finish is worth at least $1000 with 1st place winning $100K , 2nd place $40K, 3rd place $25K, 4th place $15K, 5th place $10K.

The minimum overall payout is $40, so that means about 1 player in 6 will double their money.

There is no better way to put up $20 on your fantasy knowledge and you’ll know exactly what you won that night.

You might even consider letting your friends and family know about the Wishbone Classic and get a few players together (they can all play for free), get everyone involved and have Fantasy Football viewing party on your Thanksgiving.

Be sure to Click Here to get a $20 free entry to the Wishbone Classic with any deposit on DraftKings (expires at 12:30PM ET on 11/27/2014).

Winners of the Wishbone Classic will be able to collect their winnings on Black Friday morning and a $100,000 fantasy win on Thanksgiving could be a really nice boost to your Holidays.

The Fantasy winning doesn’t end on Thanksgiving on DraftKings, check out what they have scheduled for the December Football Playoffs.


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