Fantasy Football Playoffs

How are your chances for making the playoffs on your Fantasy League?

Are you leading the way as you roll thruFantasy Football Playoffs on DraftKings your league?

Or are you just floundering and hoping to barely squeak your way in?

Maybe your just playing out the season because you have no chance?

I personally have one team at 9-2 tied for 1st, one team in 2nd place team at 7-3 and 2 other teams that were just decimated by injuries

I still have some hope for a championship on at least one of my season long leagues.

If you are in a bad playoff position in your league or even no hope for a chance, you can take part in the Ultimate 3 weeks of Fantasy Football Championships on DraftKings.

During weeks 15, 16 and 17 (the normal fantasy playoff weeks) DraftKings is holding their 2014 Championship Events.

$10 million is on the table for every football fan to vie for and to get their share of.

Buy-ins for your chances at Fantasy Millions start as low as 25¢, $2, $5 and can be worth up to $1 Million Dollars for that perfect line-up…..

You can enter any of these playoff championships on by clicking the World Championship tab now and reserving your spot(s). Multiple entries are allowed, so why not use your Fantasy Knowledge to your advantage?

Week 15 Championships

Sunday December 14th, 1PM ET start

$300K Hot Route $100 entry, $50K to the winner, multi-entry, $12 satellites available

$25K Quarter Arcade 25¢ entry, $2000 to the winner, multi-entry, no satellites (come on, it’s a quarter, play 40 teams for $10)

$3 Millionaire Maker $27 entry, $1 Million Dollars to the winner,  multi-entry, $2 satellites available

Week 16 Championships

Sunday December 21st,  1PM ET start

$400K Flea Flicker $5 entry, multi-entry, $50K to the winner, No satellites

$1 Million Dollar Chop Block $50 entry, multi-entry, $100K to the winner, $5 satellites available

Week 16 $3.1 Million Main Event $1500 entry, multi-entry, $1 Million dollars to the winner, $5 and $12 satellites available

Week 17 Championships

Sunday December 28th, 1PM ET start

$250K Play Action $2 entry, $25,000 to winner, multi-entry, No Satellites (it’s only $2, play 10 or more teams). You can get free entry to this playoff championship for just Depositing on DraftKings

$500K Hail Mary $12 entry, $100K to winner, multi-entry, 25¢ satellites available.

$2 Million Dollar TD Championship $200 entry, $250K to winner, multi-entry, $22 satellites available.

If you don’t already know, DraftKings uses a Salary cap format, standard scoring and every week is a new season with every player available for your team with scoring that is extremely competitive.

DraftKings Fantasy Football Scoring and rules

Your Questions about DraftKings answered

2014 Championships on DraftKings

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